Hakluytus Posthumus, Or, Purchas His Pilgrimes: Contayning a History of the World in Sea Voyages and Lande Travells by Englishmen and Others, Volume 12

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J. MacLehose and sons, 1906 - Voyages and travels
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Page 606 - ... in the name of the father and of the sonne, and of the holy ghost...
Page 513 - These 4. kinds of fish breed in the Volgha, and are catched in great plenty, and served thence into the whole Realme for a great food. Of the Roes of these foure kinds they make very great store of Icary or Caveary as was said before.
Page 574 - ... unto it, as that three rankes walked one upon the others head, the uppermost treading downe those that were lower: so that there perished at that time (as was said) by the fire & the presse, the number of 800000 people or more.
Page 521 - God committed unto thee: in the name of the father, the sonne, and the holy ghost.
Page 601 - ... much beloved of God and much beholding to the holy man for taking it in that sort. Of this kind there are not many because it is a very hard and cold profession to go naked in Russia, specially in winter.
Page 572 - And when it was furnished, for reward to the Architect (that was a Polonian) he put out both his eyes, to make him unable to build the like againe. But...
Page 584 - Obba, there is a rocke which naturally (beeing somewhat helped by imagination) may seeme to beare the shape of a ragged woman with a child in her armes (as the rock by the North Cape the shape of a frier), where the Obdorian Samoites use much to resort by reason of the commoditie of the place for fishing; and there sometime (as their manner...
Page 1 - Jenkinson, made [I. 324.] from the citie of Mosco in Russia, to the citie of Boghar in Bactria, in the yeere 1558 : written by himselfe to the Merchants of London of the Moscovie companie.
Page 505 - Don, (the ancient bounder betwixt Europe and Asia) that taketh his head out of Rezan Ozera, and so running through the Countrey of the Chrim Tartar, falleth into the great Sea, lake, or meare, (called Maeotis) by the Citie of Azov. By this River (as the Russe reporteth) you may passe from their Citie...
Page 23 - Russia his letters, who interteined us most gently, and caused us to eate in his presence, and divers times he sent for me, and devised with me familiarly in his secret chamber, as well of the power of the Emperour, and the great Turke, as also of our countries, lawes, and religion, and caused us to shoote in handguns before him, and did himselfe practise the use thereof.

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