Half a Heartbeat Away

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Trafford Publishing, 2008 - Self-Help - 83 pages
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As human beings we have all had not only our own unique experiences but also ones that are universal and can be shared with so many others. This book deals not only with the seemingly mundane but also with issues or experiences not shared by all. It is important that people be given a voice to validate the things they find difficult to express or share with others. Most importantly people need to be inspired and to have their spirit, hope, sense of peace and self-identity re-ignited. It is important to learn from the past but we must also be willing to learn from others and engage in a future that encompasses empathy, hope, peace, laughter, and overcoming the trials in our lives.

Some of the common themes in this book are: Choosing to go through trials in our lives and come out stronger. Choosing to receive and reciprocate true love and friendship in our lives. Choosing not to allow others to steal away the best of who we are. Dealing with being different, such as those who have premonitions or special gifts that define who they are. Taking responsibility for actions and teaching children to do the same with respect, dignity, honesty and humility. It deals with loss and grief, life lessons and the quest to overcome the worst, such as not allowing others to dump their toxic baggage at our feet. Most importantly, acknowledging that we all need silence and solitude in our lives to restore our spirit and listen for the guidance we need to take the next steps in our lives in confidence and with a sense of peace that we are on the right track. It is about life and the choices we make that effect not only ourselves but also those around us.

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About the author (2008)

It is sometimes difficult being the sixth child in a family of ten but then again it gives you the opportunity to learn in so many different ways. That was me. . .one of those middle children that had to find some way to be unique. I was told so many times by my parents that they knew they were going to have a girl, what her name would be and also that she would be born on December the eighth. It wouldn't be until after the fourth boy and the first girl were born that I came along. I suppose that was where I learned the importance of patience and perseverance.

Everyone expected me to become a social worker. . .can't figure out why. I started out taking care of the younger siblings, countless other children in the neighbourhood and last but not least numerous nieces and nephews. Yes at some point I was a Social Service Worker. I worked primarily with teenagers. Through the years I have worked at so many kinds of jobs from general larborer, to management positions. I have been a postal worker, receptionist, cashier, customer service representative and believe it or not I was even a forklift operator in a warehouse. It has been a long and interesting journey to say the least. Given all of that, it seemed that there was still something lacking. At the urging of my frined Diane, I started writing once again and found that it was like returning to a lost love.

Perhaps that will also give you an idea of where the fodder that feeds my stories and poems comes from. It is amazing just to observe people and see things unfold in any given situation. What I didn't expect to see for the longest time was this. Me. . .having to sit myself down to write about myself for a book that was goingto published. It is my hope that this book will bring you some hope, encouragement, validation, and maybe even a few laughs. With my dear friend Diane I have been able to share in an experience of mutual growth and healing that I am sure will continue for years to come. To me, friends are the best medicine. Best friends are those once in a lifetime kind of people. They ride out every storm with you. They share the mundane and make it feel like the most important thing in the world. They heighten the joys and quell the fears. They are truly the ones who give meaning the title of "A Friend for all Seasons" and I have been blessed with just such a person in my life. For that I am truly grateful.

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