Half a Century of English History: Pictorially Presented in a Series of Cartoons from the Collection of Mr. Punch

Front Cover
G. P. Putnam's sons, 1884 - Caricatures and cartoons - 293 pages

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Page 144 - to prepare the mind of the country, and to educate— if it be not arrogant to use such a phrase— to educate our party. It is a large party, and requires its attention to be called to questions of this kind with some pressure. I had to prepare the mind of Parliament and the country on this question of Reform.
Page 114 - It is no use your talking of your army and navy, your exports and your imports—it is no use telling me you have a small portion of your people exceedingly well off. I want to bring the test to a comparison of the majority of the people with the...
Page 128 - I know the almost superhuman power of this combination. They have their hand almost upon the realm of England. Under the guise of Liberalism, under the pretence of legislating in the spirit of the age, they are, as they think, about to seize upon the supreme authority of the realm. But this I can say, that so long as, by the favour of the Queen, I stand here, I will oppose to the utmost of my ability the attempt they are making.
Page 18 - I smell the blood of an Englishman, Be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread.
Page 272 - Must meet Bombastes face to face." Thus do I challenge all the human race.
Page 216 - But if a clamorous vile plebeian rose, Him with reproof he checked, or tamed with blows : — " Be still, thou slave, and to thy betters yield ; Unknown alike in council and in field ! Ye gods, what dastards would our host command!
Page 236 - Joy, joy for ever ! my task is done — the gates are passed — and Heaven is won!
Page 148 - Leading business' forsooth! His line is 'general utility'! Is the manager mad? But no matter-rr — a time will come " The feeling was more complex than a mere jealousy between star performers. Gladstone would doubtless have stomached, with resignation and modesty, the triumph of, say, Stanley. But passions, like gods, take human form in order to act, and ambition, to tempt him, had assumed the shape of a virtuous...
Page 12 - He blew my hairs aside to take a better view of my face. He called his hinds about him, and asked them, as I afterward learned, whether they had ever seen in the fields any little creature that resembled me. He then placed me softly on the ground upon all...
Page 250 - BD Now that your Highness has seen the blessings of freedom, I trust we may rely upon your strenuous help in putting down slavery ? " Sultan Seyyid Barghash. Ah yes ! certainly ! But remember, O Sheikh Ben Dizzy, Conservative party very strong in Zanzibar...

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