Half a Million of Money: A Novel, Volume 1

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B. Tauchnitz, 1865
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Page 16 - Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said John Alden, 2nd, as and for his last will and testament, in the presence of us, who, at his request, and in his presence, and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses the day and year above written.
Page 297 - you will be too late. Shall I give you my glove for a favour. Be a true knight, and deserve it." Breathless intoxicated, the young man pressed the glove to his lips, thrust it into his bosom, leaped down upon the course, and flew to take his place among the runners. He felt as if his feet were clad in the winged sandals of Hermes, as if his head touched the clouds, .and the very air were sunshine. It was delightful, this sense of exaltation and rapture — and quite new. Not so, however, felt Olimpia...
Page 11 - In the name of God Amen. I Godfrey Stahl of the Township of Somerset in the County of Somerset and State of Pennsylvania being in good health of body. And of Sound and disposing mind and memory...
Page 14 - ... shall be applied in manner following ; (that is to say,) in the first place, in payment of the costs, charges, and expences attending the management of the said lands and other property and subject...
Page 113 - I'm quite sure it's somewhat about bud. Yes, I am convinced my charms as yet are undecayed; and even when old age comes on, the charm of refined education will still remain. As the immortal Chelsea Beach poet 2 has it, You may break, you may ruin, the vase if you will, The scent of the roses will cling round it still.
Page 15 - ... contest this my will and seek to have the same declared invalid, such child shall receive no portion of my Estate and in such case I direct that the whole net income thereof be paid to my other child during his or her life.
Page 277 - The race, my dear fellow, is to the swift, and the battle to the strong, in the affairs of life,
Page 204 - What town-wearied man does not feel refreshed and reinvigorated as he climbs the hills with a gun on his shoulder and a dog at his heels ? and for the time being is not his one wish — ' ' Give me the naked heavens above. The broad bare heath below " ? The angler, boater, and skater each experiences keen enjoyment from his own particular pastime. Field sports have always proved the best corrector of that "effeminacy which refined luxury...
Page 293 - I beg your pardon, my dear mother; but it comes so naturally when sport is the topic of conversation," replied her son. "I hope you are amused, Lady Arabella?" "Oh yes, thank you — when you don't fire." "There is, at all events, nothing undignified in firing," observed the Countess. "I hope you do not think our athletic games undignified, mother?" said the Earl. "For gentlemen, certainly. For boys, or peasants, not at all.
Page 280 - On what conditions?" asked one of the lunchers. "The usual conditions. Five shots each, at eight hundred yards; ordinary Enfield rifle; Wimbledon scoring, that is to say, outer, two; centre, three; bull'seye, four." "Eight hundred's rather long practice for outsiders," said another man, immersed at the moment in chicken-pie. "If we had small bores, I should put it down at a thousand," replied the Earl; "but there's only one in the house.