Hallelujah Hidden Treasures

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AuthorHouse, Jun 1, 2006 - Biography & Autobiography - 132 pages
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This poetry that I''ve written is non-fiction and is based primarily on parts of my personal life, the lives of family members, as well as lives of my love ones. I began writing poetry doing a period of condolence during the lost of family members, beginning in 1996. In less than one year in 1996-1997, I lost three love ones that was very dear to me, including my mom. I did not realize I was actually writing poetry at the time until one day my sister, Patricia called me and asked me to write a poem for a deceased family member for a funeral. I sat still after receiving the telephone call and encountered all of my emotion and I allowed the Holy Spirit to take over. I called Patricia later during the day and read what was given to me by the leading of the Holy Spirit. I delivered this poem to her and later during the day, she called me and told me her son wept after reading it because it was truthful and emotional. When I was a child, I loved poetry and I was fascinated with the lyrics in poetry. I tried to rhyme words, but I couldn''t put two words together that had rhythm. In 1996, I found myself writing about my deceased love ones during my "grieving" period. I also wrote about a man and a woman that were former church members that got married this in 2005. I was elated for the both of them and I wrote a poem especially for them, while in a moment of stillness. It is amazing how God will give you a spiritual gift and if you do not recognize that what you have is a gift, then you will miss it. However, I did recognized the gift of drawing that God had given me as a child. There''s an old saying, "If you don''t use it, you will lose it." Well, I don''t think I am as good in my drawingsas I was in my adolence years, but I don''t think I have lost it either. I wanted to use drawings, because I believe when people are reading about certain events, especially in poetry, they can get even a greater visualization of the picture of events. I like tr

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