Hamlet's BlackBerry: a practical philosophy for building a good life in the digital age

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Scribe Publications, 2010 - Information technology - 267 pages
A crisp, passionately argued answer to the question that everyone who's grown dependent on digital devices is asking: 'Where's the rest of my life?'
At a time when we're all trying to make sense of our relentlessly connected lives, this revelatory book presents a bold new approach to the digital age. Part intellectual journey, part memoir, Hamlet's BlackBerry sets out to solve what William Powers calls the conundrum of connectedness. Our computers and mobile devices do wonderful things for us. But they also impose an enormous burden, making it harder for us to focus, do out best work, build strong relationships, and find the depth and fulfilment we crave.
Powers argues that we need a new philosophy for life with screens. To find it, he reaches into the past, uncovering a rick trove of ideas that have helped people manage and enjoy their connected lives for thousands of years. Drawing on some of history's most brilliant thinkers, from Plato to Shakespeare to Thoreau, he shows that digital connectedness serves us best when it's balanced by its opposite, disconnectedness.
Using his own life as both laboratory and object lesson, Powers demonstrates why this is the moment to revisit our relationship to screens and mobile technologies, and how profound the rewards of doing so can be. Lively, original, and entertaining, Hamlet's BlackBerry will challenge you to rethink your digital life.
'A brilliant and thoughtful handbook for the internet age-why we have this screen addiction, its many perils, and some surprising remedies that can make your life better.'
'Hamlet's BlackBerry is a paean to the pleasures of the unplugged life, But Powers is no woodsy technophobe who would deepfry every silicon chip. He offers an ardent argument for balance between the wired world and the silent spaces of the human heart.'

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