Hand-book of the Lick Observatory of the University of California

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Page 12 - The deed further provides that "if, after the construction of said telescope and observatory, there shall remain of said $700,000 . . . any surplus," the surplus shall be invested and that "the income thereof shall be devoted to the maintenance of said telescope and the observatory connected therewith, and shall be made useful in promoting science; anil the said telescope and observatory are to be known as the Lick Astronomical Department of the University of California.
Page 7 - ... country can be had. With regard to the admission of visitors at night, Mr. Holden says that, for the present, visitors will be received at the Observatory to look through the great telescope every Saturday night between the hours of 7 and 10, and at these times only. Whenever the work of the Observatory will allow, other telescopes will also be put at the disposition of visitors on Saturdays between the same hours. Mr. Holden hopes that, by setting apart these times for visitors (which allow...
Page 11 - This task was to construct and erect ' a powerful telescope, superior to and more powerful than any telescope ever yet made, with all the machinery appertaining thereto and appropriately connected therewith * * * * and also a suitable observatory.
Page 30 - so far as one may judge from the time during which these observations were made, there can be no doubt that Mount Hamilton offers advantages superior to those found at any point where a permanent observatory has been established.
Page 25 - SEC. 2. That so much of said land as is not already granted or disposed of by the United States, to wit, section nine, the north half of section ten, the south half of section three, and fractional section seventeen, be, and the same is hereby, granted to the trustees of the Lick Observatory of the astronomical department of the University of California, with authority and in trust to convey the same to the regents of the University of California, and their successors, in trust for the use and benefit...
Page 89 - Star is just visible in four seconds under the best circumstances. Mr. Roberts refers to an important difficulty, which is, that in most photographic plates there are small specks in the film, many of which look like stars, and which are extremely difficult to distinguish from stars even when they are viewed through a microscope. Dr. Gill, at the Cape of Good Hope, avoids this difficulty by taking two photographs of the same field successively, giving to each an exposure of one hour. At Paris three...
Page 11 - ... yet made, with all the machinery appertaining thereto and appropriately connected therewith, or that is necessary and convenient to the most powerful telescope now in use, or suited to one more powerful than any yet constructed; and also a suitable observatory connected therewith. The parties of the second part hereto, and their successors, shall, as soon as said telescope and observatory are constructed, convey the land whereupon the same may be situated, and the telescope and the observatory...
Page 77 - Through thee will holy Science, putting off Earth's dusty sandals from her radiant feet, Survey God's beauteous firmament unrolled Like to a book new-writ in golden words, And turning the azure scroll with reverent hand, Read to man the wonders God hath wrought.
Page 26 - Jose, nearly east, and is reached by a good road constructed two or three years since by the county of Santa Clara. In order to keep the grade within the limit of six feet in one hundred, the last portion of the road is carried up the ridges of the mountain by a circuitous route. The distance between the Observatory and San Jose, in an airline, is only 13 miles. The approximate geographical of the Observatory Peak is: Longitude tai" 36' Latitude 37° ģi' *>" 3

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