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Page 15 - ... advanced the interests of that foundation, to which also, in other respects, he was a great benefactor In the south aisle, adjoining the transept, is a small chapel, dedicated to St. Catherine, which was founded and endowed by John de Capella, a citizen of Carlisle. Some of the revenues of this chapel having been unjustly detained, about the year 1366, Bishop Appleby ordered public notice to be given, that he should excommunicate the parties by bell, book, and candle, unless restitution were...
Page 5 - Castlestreet, to be ready, in case of a forcible attack, to relieve and reinforce the men upon the walls. On Monday morning the fog still continuing thick, the garrison could not observe the situation of the rebels, but heard their pipers playing not far from the English gate.
Page 15 - The arches of the choir are supported by clustered pillars, and have a very elegant appearance : the inner mouldings of the capitals are ornamented with figures and flowers, in carved open work. The stalls are embellished with tabernacle work; and the bishop's throne is elegant and stately. The east window is partially decorated with painted glass, of which the colours are principally green, red, and yellow.
Page 6 - Pretender's son, at the head of about 100 horse, called his guards, two and two a-breast; after these a confused multitude of all sorts of mean people, to the number (as was supposed) of about 6000.
Page 4 - Carlisle ; and, it being the market day there, they mixed with the country people returning home, so that it was not possible for the garrison to fire upon them for some time, without risque of injuring their neighbours along with their enemies : but in less than half an hour, the country people dispersed themselves, and then the garrison of the castle fired a...
Page 14 - The east front," says Rickman, " contains one of the finest, if not the finest decorated window in the kingdom. It is considerably decayed ; but its elegance of composition and delicacy of arrangement, the harmony of its parts, and the easy flow of its lines, rank it even higher than th celebrated west window of York cathedral, which it also exceeds in the number of divisions.
Page 22 - ... sairy beggar gat a bluidy nwose an broken teeth, i' the fray. Hill-top Tom, an Low-gill Dick, the twea feightin rapscallions, wer lugget off by the bealies, to my Iword Mayor's offish; an thrussen into the black who]. I whop they'll lig theer; for it's weel nae ley ves wer lost; efter aw the rattle ! Shem o' them ! thur peer country hanniels, That slink into Carel to feight!
Page 6 - About one o'clock the Young Pretender, attended by Lord George Murray, the Duke of Perth, and several others, besides those called his guards, came to them ; upon which they formed themselves, and began to march again to Carlisle, in the following order : First, two (named hussars) in Highland dresses, and high rough red caps, like pioneers : next...
Page 22 - Aa, what a hay-bay! it was just leyke the battle o' Watterlew. Men an' women, young an" aul, ran frev aw quarters; theer was sec shoutin,' thrustin', pushin", an
Page 11 - Here they are, from a pane of glass in an inn at Carlisle : — ' Here chicks in eggs for breakfast sprawl, Here godless boys God's glories squall, Here Scotchmen's heads do guard the wall, But Corby's walks atone for all.

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