Hand Book of the University of Pennsylvania Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa Delta of Pennsylvania

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Page 19 - Council shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, and such others as may be found necessary from time to time.
Page 18 - Senators, chosen by the delegates at the first session of the National Council, from the Society at large. These shall be divided into two classes, whose terms of office shall expire at the adjournment of alternate regular sessions of the National Council. At every subsequent regular session the places of the outgoing class shall be filled by election as follows: On the day preceding the first day of each regular session of the National Council the Senate shall meet, and shall nominate fifteen candidates...
Page 7 - I, AB, do swear on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, or otherwise as calling the Supreme Being to attest this my oath, declaring that I will, with all my possible efforts, endeavor to prove true, just, and deeply attached to this our growing Fraternity; in keeping, holding, and preserving all secrets that pertain to my duty, and for the promotion and advancement of its internal welfare.
Page 19 - SESSIONS AND FUNCTIONS OF THE COUNCIL. The National Council shall meet every third year at such place and time as shall have been determined by the officers of the United Chapters, and shall proceed at once to the election first of its officers and next of the Senators. The National Council shall make such rules as may be found necessary for the carrying out of any provision of this Constitution. ARTICLE V.
Page 9 - Whereas it is repugnant to the liberal principles of Societies that they should be confined to any particular place, men or Description of Men, and as the same should be extended to the wise and virtuous of every degree and of whatever Country...
Page 10 - Fitzhugh were both absent ; an adjournment took place. 1781, on Saturday the 6th of January, a meeting of the Phi Beta Kappa was called for the purpose of securing the Papers of the Society during the Confusion of the Times and the present Dissolution which threatens the University.
Page 18 - The National Council of the Phi Beta Kappa Society shall consist of the Senators hereinafter spoken of, and of delegates from the several Chapters of the Society. Each Chapter shall be entitled to send three delegates, who shall be graduates of at least five years...
Page 21 - No change shall be made in this Constitution unless the same shall have been proposed at the session of the National Council next preceding the session at which the proposed change is voted for; and no vote shall be had upon any such proposed change except at a stated hour previously ordered by the meeting,— and no amendment shall be made without the concurrence of the delegations of two-thirds of the Chapters represented in the Council. ARTICLE X. ADOPTION OF THE CONSTITUTION.
Page 24 - This society is one of the co-ordinate branches of the body known as THE UNITED CHAPTERS OF THE PHI BETA KAPPA, and shall be called the Beta Chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa Society in the State of California.
Page 24 - This Chapter shall send a delegation to represent it at each National Council of the United Chapters, shall contribute its equal part to the financial support of the United Chapters, and shall conform to the constitution of the United Chapters and all the lawful requirements of the National Council.

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