Handbood of chemistry [signed R.J.B.].

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Page 108 - CASSELL'S LESSONS IN FRENCH; containing a Complete View of the Idioms of the French Language, in a Series of Easy and Progressive Lessons. By Professor FASQUELLE.
Page 108 - Forming a Complete, Simple, and Practical Guide to a thorough knowledge of Speaking the French Language. By Professor DE LOLME. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s.
Page 108 - SIXPENNY LESSONS IN FRENCH, With Rules for Pronunciation, on an entirely Novel and Simple Plan. Reprinted in a revised form. Crown 8vo, paper covers, 6d. CASSELL'S LESSONS IN FRENCH; containing a Complete View of the Idioms of the French Language, in a Series of Easy and Progressive Lessons.
Page 74 - Arsenic may be detected by Marsh's test (313). (d) Any fixed saline impurity remains as a residue when a few drops of the acid are evaporated on platinum foil. 692. The uses of sulphuric acid are very numerous. Besides being employed extensively in many branches of manufacture, it is used in the laboratory as a powerful decomposing agent ; owing to its strong affinity for bases, nearly all saline compounds are decomposed by it, and its solvent powers are also very great. It is often employed for...
Page 103 - The success has been enormous; it has occupied and filled up a field of education, vast and most important to the community.
Page 2 - Emergencies ; containing Hints and Cautions to those engaged in Dangerous Occupations, and to Sufferers by the common Casualties of Life.
Page 16 - British thermal unit (Btu) is the amount of heat necessary to raise 1 Ib. of water 1 degree Fahrenheit in temperature.
Page 25 - Such ore the ideas which are intimately connected with Gerhardt's system of atomic weights and notation, and which have led to a distinct separation between the notion of atoms and that of molecules. An atom is the smallest quantity of an element, indivisible by chemical means, which can exist in a compound body. A molecule is a group of atoms, forming the smallest quantity of a simple or compound body which can exist in a free state, or is able to take part in, or result from, a reaction.
Page 32 - Put into an iron retort half a pound of the black oxyde of manganese in powder. Place it in the fire, and when approaching a red heat oxygen gas will begin to pass out at the open end, as may be known by the increased flame of a candle held to it. When this is the case, fasten a collapsed bladder to the open end of the barrel, so as to be air-tight, when the gas will pass into it, and may be preserved for use. This quantity of oxyde should make about two gallons and a half of gas ; it is not perfectly...
Page 2 - Reprinted from the Photographic News. A 2nd edition was published in 1863. 816. Anon: How to colour a photograph; or lessons on the harmony and contrast of colours, principally in their application to photography. London (Cassell, Petter & Galpin); 64 pp It was reprinted from the Photographic News.

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