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American Library Association Publishing Board, 1915 - Library commissions - 168 pages

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Page 46 - The commission shall give advice and counsel to all free libraries in the State, and to all communities which may propose to establish them, as to the best means of establishing and administering such libraries, the selection of books, cataloguing, and other details of library management. The commission may also send its members to aid in organizing new libraries or in improving those already established.
Page 11 - ... of Mr. Sanborn the amendment was adopted. To amend Article 8, Section 1, by striking out the words "annual meeting" following the words "place of the" and inserting in place thereof the words "midwinter meeting of the Council" so that the section shall read: "The annual meeting of the League shall be held at the time and place of the midwinter meeting of the Council of the ALA
Page 23 - Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia ; Provinces: Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan.
Page 45 - Commission consists of five members appointed by the Governor for a term of three years.
Page 45 - The Commission shall give advice and counsel to all free and other public libraries, and to all communities which may propose to establish them, as to the best means of establishing and maintaining such libraries, the selection of books, cataloging, and other details of library management.
Page 76 - Such aid may include the furnishing of books in small quantities, visits to libraries, the instruction of librarians, and such other means of encouraging and stimulating the small libraries as said commissioners shall deem advisable...
Page 11 - ... West, South, or other section of the country, may by mutual agreement hold a sectional meeting at such time and place as may be agreed upon. At such meeting such matters shall be considered as shall be selected by the members there assembled or by the Executive Board. No vote taken at such meeting shall be binding on the League, but shall be advisory only. The executive board and committees of the League may ask for an advisory vote which may guide them in determining questions arising in the...
Page 148 - Instruction in 1907 carried on a successful campaign of library education, and in 1909, a LibraryGymnasium Commission of five members, was established by the Legislature to be appointed by the State Board of Education, and to be under its general supervision. Its purpose is to encourage the establishment of free libraries and gymnasiums, and its appropriation is $2,000.
Page 10 - ... second paragraph and insert the following: The Executive Board shall appoint a chairman for sectional meetings when neither the president nor any vice-president can be in attendance. Article 6. Committees. First paragraph to read as follows: There shall be a publications committee of three members who shall co-operate with the publishing board of the ALA in securing suitable material required for commission work and in the organization and equipment of libraries, and who shall, subject to the...
Page 16 - Michigan aids in the organization and extension of libraries through two agencies: the State Library has charge of the traveling library system and supplies books to communities having no libraries; the Board of Library Commissioners are concerned with building up town libraries and to this end have a system of registered free libraries to which 100 books are loaned for six months. Each library in the state, through a mandatory law, must make a report to its county commissioner of schools, who in...

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