Handbook for Newspaper Workers, Treating Grammar, Punctuation, English, Diction, Journalistic Structure, Typographical Style, Accuracy, Headlines, Proofreading, Copyreading, Type, Cuts, Libel, and Other Matters of Office Practice

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D. Appleton, 1921 - Journalism - 225 pages
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Page 215 - Use quotation marks at the beginning of each paragraph of a continuous quotation of several paragraphs, but at the end of the last paragraph only. DO NOT QUOTE: 49. Names of characters in plays: Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice.
Page 214 - All testimony, conversation, and interviews given in direct form, except when name of speaker, or Q. and A., with a dash, precedes, as : John Keith — I have nothing to say; Q. — What is your name? A. — Oscar Brown. 45. Names of books, dramas, paintings, statuary, operas, songs, subjects of lectures, sermons, toasts, magazine articles, including the initial "A" or "The": "A Man Without a Country.
Page 214 - Never use a colon after viz., to wit, namely, eg, ie, except when they end a paragraph. Use colon, dash or semicolon before them and comma after them, thus : This is the man ; to wit, the victim.
Page 197 - Any publication by printing or writing or by signs or pictures which accuses a person of a crime, or blackens his character, or tends to expose him to public ridicule, contempt, or hatred, is libelous.
Page 212 - League of Women Voters, Bank of Wisconsin. 6. Only proper noun in geographical names, except when the common noun precedes: Rock river, Fox lake; but Lake Michigan, Gulf of Mexico. 7. Only the distinguishing parts of names of streets, avenues, boulevards, university and other buildings, hotels, theaters, stations, wards, counties, etc.; Pinckney street, Northwestern station, South hall, Grand hotel, Third ward.
Page 138 - Find the one noun to express the idea, the one adjective, if necessary to qualify it, and the one verb needed to give it life.
Page 212 - Louisiana State university, First National bank, Union Trust company, Northwestern line, Epworth Methodist church, First Wisconsin volunteers. 5. Common nouns when they precede the distinguishing parts in names of associations, societies, companies, etc. : University of Wisconsin, Association of Collegiate Alumnae, Bank of Wisconsin.
Page 213 - Names of sections of a city and distinguishing parts of nicknames of states and cities: the East side, the Badger state, the Windy city. 14. Distinguishing parts of names of holidays : Fourth of July, New Year's day. 15. Names of all races and nationalities: Indians, Caucasian, Negro. 16. Nicknames of athletic clubs and teams: the White Sox, the Gophers. 17. Avoid all capitalization not absolutely necessary. Do not capitalize: 18. Names of national, state, and city bodies, buildings, officers, boards,...
Page 132 - To be a good reporter requires a great education. There is nothing more pitiable than the attempt of an ignoramus to write an abstract of an intelligent speech or to interpret an intelligent man's ideas in an interview. It is equally lamentable to observe a half-baked youngster struggling to report any event involving knowledge of a national or an international question. An intelligent reporter is far more valuable than an intelligent editor. It will be a great day for American journalism when this...
Page 217 - Begin list of unmarried women with "Misses," and one of married women with "Mesdames," giving first name of unmarried women, and husband's first name or initials with married women's names. Begin lists of men's names with "Messrs.

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