Handbook of Culture Media for Food Microbiology

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Janet E. L. Corry, G. D. W. Curtis, Rosamund M. Baird
Elsevier, 2003 - Science - 662 pages
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This is a completely revised edition, including new material, from 'Culture Media for Food Microbiology' by J.E.L. Corry et al., published in Progress in Industrial Microbiology, Volume 34, Second Impression 1999.

Written by the Working Party on Culture Media, of the International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene, this is a handy reference for microbiologists wanting to know which media to use for the detection of various groups of microbes in food, and how to check their performance.

The first part comprises reviews, written by international experts, of the media designed to isolate the major groups of microbes important in food spoilage, food fermentations or food-borne disease. The history and rationale of the selective agents, and the indicator systems are considered, as well as the relative merits of the various media. The second part contains monographs on approximately 90 of the most useful media.

The first edition of this book has been frequently quoted in standard methods, especially those published by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and the European Standards Organisation (CEN), as well as in the manuals of companies manufacturing microbiological media. In this second edition, almost all of the reviews have been completely rewritten, and the remainder revised. Approximately twelve monographs have been added and a few deleted. This book will be useful to anyone working in laboratories examining food - industrial, contract, medical, academic or public analyst, as well as other microbiologists, working in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and clinical (medical and veterinary) areas - particularly with respect to quality assurance of media and methods in relation to laboratory accreditation.


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pg 137 regarding medium for lactobacillus to grow


Bredius E M de Ree49
R R Beumer G D W Curtis79
spoilage bacteria G A Gardner141
tris and Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius in foods J Baumgart 161
A E Heuvelink229
Culture media for the isolation of campylobacters helico
Culture media for Aeromonas spp and Plesiomonas shigelloides
Media for Pseudomonas spp and related genera from food and environ
Kanamycin Aesculin Azide KAA agar490
LS Differential LSD agar505
MEnterococcus ME agar524
Oxford agarModified MC538
Polymyxin Acriflavine Lithium chloride Ceftazidime Aesculin Mannitol egg Yolk
Rambach agar propylene glycol deoxycholate neutral red agar 568
Rogosa agar modified pH 6 2583
Salmonella identification medium 597

Media for detecting and enumerating yeasts and moulds L R Beuchat
Notes on the use of the monographs387
Giolitti and Cantoni Broth with Tween 80 GCBT475
Appendix I
Subject Index655

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