Handbook of Texas Libraries, Issue 2

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1908 - Libraries - 31 pages
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Page 13 - He shall demand and receive from the officers of State departments having them in charge, all books, maps, papers, manuscripts, documents, memoranda and data not connected with or necessary to the current duties of said officers, relating to the history of Texas, and carefully classify, catalogue and preserve the same.
Page 14 - That any State, county or other official is hereby authorized and empowered in his discretion to turn over to the department for permanent preservation therein any official books, records, documents, original papers, newspaper files and printed books not in current use in their offices.
Page 14 - Commission upon application of any person, which certification shall have the same force and effect as if made by the officer originally in charge of them...
Page 14 - Commission shall maintain for the use and information of the members of the Legislature, the heads of the several State departments, and such other citizens as may desire to consult the same, a section of the State Library for legislative reference and information.
Page 15 - Report to Governor. — The Commission shall make a biennial report to the Governor, which shall include the biennial report of the State Librarian. Said report shall present a comprehensive view of the operation of the Commission in the discharge of the duties imposed by this title, shall present a review of the library conditions in this State, present an itemized statement of the expenditures of the Commission, make such recommendations as their experience shall suggest, and present careful estimates...
Page 14 - He shall preserve all historical relics, mementos, antiquities and works of art connected with and relating to the history of Texas, which may in any way come into his possession as State Librarian. He shall constantly endeavor to build up an historical museum worthy of the interesting and important...
Page 13 - He shall endeavor to complete the files of the early Texas newspapers in the State Library; and he shall cause to be bound the current files of not less than ten of the leading newspapers of the State and the current files of not less than four leading newspapers of other states, and of as many...
Page 12 - It shall give advice to such persons as contemplate the establishment of public libraries, in regard to such matters as the maintenance of public libraries, selection of books, cataloguing and library management. The commission shall conduct library institutes and encourage library associations: Art.
Page 4 - I. The Association shall have a President and two Vice Presidents, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, who shall be elected from the membership of the Association by the Board of Directors, and who shall serve for one year and until their successors are duly elected. If a vacancy occurs in any such office, the Board of Directors shall appoint a member to serve for the unexpired term of his predecessor in office. SECTION...
Page 5 - This Constitution may be amended at any annual meeting by a three-fourths vote of all the...

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