Handbook of Medical Entomology

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Comstock publishing Company, 1915 - Insect pests - 348 pages

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Page 202 - ... first, a careful study of the intestinal flora in yellow fever in comparison with the bacteria that...
Page 320 - In this case the bag may be lowered from the outside after the operator has left the room and closed the door. The writer has most often started the fumigation toward evening and left it going all night, opening the rooms in the morning. The work can be done, however, at any time during the day and should extend over a period of five or six hours at least. It is said that better results will be obtained in a temperature of 70 P., or above, than at a lower degree.
Page 205 - Fever," written in 1853. Forty-seven years later it has been permitted to me and my assistants to lift the impenetrable veil that has surrounded...
Page 224 - It was believed that the tick obtained the parasite from the blood of its host and in its dissolution on the pasture a certain resistant spore form was set free, which produced the disease when taken in with the food.
Page 203 - Bacillus icteroides (Sanarelli) stands in no causative relation to yellow fever, but when present should be considered as a secondary invader in this disease. From the second part of their study of yellow fever they draw the following conclusions: The mosquito serves as the intermediate host for the parasite of yellow fever and it is highly probable that the disease is only propagated through the bite of this insect.
Page 200 - While yellow fever is a communicable disease, it is not contagious in the ordinary acceptance of the term, but is spread by the infection of places and articles of bedding, clothing, and furniture.
Page 113 - Several years ago I saw, professionally, a boy six years of age who had been suffering for some months from the glands on one side of his neck being swollen and a fetid ulceration around the back teeth of the lower jaw of the same side. Three months...
Page 6 - I still believe in the old saying that what is one man's meat is another man's poison, and that some subjects will give culture to one boy that will not give culture to another boy.
Page 159 - ... bushels of manure be used, as it has been shown that larger amounts of borax will injure most plants. It is also recommended that all public-health officials and others, in recommending the borax treatment for killing fly eggs and maggots in manure, warn the public against the injurious effects of large amounts of borax on the growth of plants.
Page 202 - ... patient (or perhaps by contact with or feeding from his discharges) , but may be likewise inherited by the next generation of mosquitoes issued from the contaminated parent.

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