Hand-book of Modern Treatment and Medical Formulary: A Condensed and Comprehensive Manual of Practical Formulae and General Remedial Measures

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F. A. Davis Company, 1917 - Therapeutics - 483 pages
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Page 230 - Should the benefit prove only partial, the 1-5000 solution may now be sprayed into both nares, and a few drops instilled into both eyes. The effect of this treatment may be expected to last for several hours. Indeed some physicians report that it is necessary to make but one thorough application daily to afford complete relief. It is also recommended that Solution Adrenalin Chloride be administered internally in 5 to 10 drops doses, beginning ten days to two weeks prior to the expected attack.
Page 229 - Adrenalin fully meets the indications as a remedial agent in hay fever. It controls the nasal discharge, allays congestion of the mucous membranes, and in that manner reduces the swelling of the turbinal tissues. As the nasal obstruction disappears, natural breathing is materially aided and the ungovernable desire to sneeze is mitigated. In short, a season of comparative comfort takes the place of the former condition of distress and unrest. Adrenalin blanches the mucous membrane by vigorously contracting...
Page 230 - It is also recommended that solution adrenalin chloride be administered internally in 5 to 10-drop doses, beginning ten days to two weeks prior to the expected attack. In explanation of the beneficial effect of the drug when used in this manner, the suggestion has been made that hay fever is essentially a neurosis, characterized by a local vaso-motor paralysis, affecting the blood supply of the eyes, nose, face and pharynx, and occasionally of the laryngeal and bronchial mucous membranes. Adrenalin...
Page 235 - Since there are various forms of headache, and since the remedy that will relieve one patient will utterly fail to relieve another with seemingly the same kind of head-pain, it is necessary that the physician should be armed with a variety of remedies. For some time past we have found minimum doses of iodide of potassium of great service in frontal headache. A heavy, dull headache, situated over the brow, and accompanied by languor, chilliness, and a feeling of general discomfort, with...
Page 132 - ... 2, when the passages are infrequent and of bad odor; 3, when there is a high temperature or cerebral symptoms are present; 4, when its use is followed by elevation of temperature or the passages become more offensive. It is indicated...
Page 483 - The olive oil and liq. calcis are well mixed, then this mixture slowly added to the powder and lanolin, constantly stirring. When this is thoroughly mixed the rose water is added and the whole beaten up in the mortar into a light creamy paste. If there is much pruritus, i per cent, or 2 per cent, of carbolic acid can be added to the whole.
Page 363 - In the author's experience, the male sex had been affected in about 95 per cent, of cases. In nearly all the cases the patients were more or less neurotic, and in the major portion, of a decidedly bilious temperament. These cases demand the removal of all exciting causes, and regulation of patients' habits of life should precede and attend local treatment.
Page 235 - ... a wineglass of water, and this quietly sipped, the whole quantity being taken in about ten minutes. In many cases the effect of these small doses has been simply wonderful. A person who, a quarter of an hour before, was feeling most miserable and refused all food, wishing only for quietness, would now take a good meal and resume his wonted cheerfulness. The rapidity with which the iodide acts in these cases constitutes its great advantage.
Page 118 - The dosage varies with the patient, but it is repeated every two to six hours as indicated by dryness of mouth, dilatation of pupils, and delirium. Sleep is not usually produced. When the patient is allowed to emerge from the influence of the hyoscin he soon develops a vigorous appetite, sleeps soundly after the first two or three nights, regaining his normal vigor and weight in the course of a month. Too few cases are reported to make this article of more than passing interest, but as a large number...
Page 101 - ... and other dietetic irregularities. This regime will diminish the proteid, and increase the fatty constituents of the milk, and will go far to rid the infant of the tendency to constipation. Should it fail, the best treatment for the child is the administration of cream in doses of from one to two teaspoonfuls in warm water from time to time just before the periodical meal.

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