Handbook of Therapy

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American Medical Association, 1915 - Therapeutics - 679 pages

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Page 167 - is then allowed to fill with cerebrospinal fluid so that no air will be injected. The serum is then poured into the syringe and allowed to flow slowly into the subarachnoid space by means of gravity. At times it is necessary to insert the plunger of the syringe to inject the last 5 cc of fluid.
Page 201 - We have discovered no evidence incriminating flies of the genus Simulium in the causation of pellagra, except their universal distribution throughout the area studied. If it is distributed by a blood-sucking insect, Stomoxys calcitrans would appear to be the most probable carrier.
Page 116 - and more brisk catharsis are indicated. The patient should remain in bed for at least a week after the cessation of the fever, and convalescence should be slow, and the return to activity should be delayed. During convalescence it is well to administer small doses of sodium
Page 584 - Mix the farina with the cold water, add to the boiling water and boil thirty minutes. Add the scalding milk, taste and season properly. A little sugar may be added if desired, or an egg may be beaten and the gruel
Page 114 - of the antiserum, with careful watching of the patient to note changes in pressure as determined by the character of the pulse and respiration. In severe cases they inject the antiserum every twelve hours until there is improvement. In moderate and mild cases they usually repeat the injection once a day for four days. The
Page 560 - in this manner. If she trains the baby to grasp the areola as well as the nipple, the milk flows more freely and the nipple is less liable to be traumatized and rendered painful. The nipples should be kept scrupulously clean, and may be washed before nursing, using plain water.
Page 546 - times, night and morning, in a well-ventilated room, preferably while she is still in bed in her night-clothing. She is cautioned to avoid jerky movements and to strive for a smooth, rhythmical raising and lowering of the abdominal wall.
Page 202 - The immediate results of hygienic and dietetic treatment in adults have been good, but after returning to former conditions of environment, most of the cases have recurred. In children, prognosis ,is very much more favorable.
Page 408 - or 2 grains to as many as 60 to 90 grains a day of morphin. When more than 10 grains of morphin per day are being taken, 60 minims of the above mixture is given every three hours day and night for six days. On the seventh day the dosage is reduced to 30 minims, the eighth
Page 127 - case. 3. Exercise strict control over the disinfection of known typhoid excreta. 4. Insist on pure or purified water-supplies. 5. Require pasteurization of milk-supplies. 6. Regard all human excreta as possibly dangerous, and control their disposition in such a way as to prevent contamination of food or drink.

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