Handy Book for the Aid and Instruction of the Enlisted Men in the Engineer Department, United States Navy

Front Cover
Governmentprint. Office, 1915 - Marine engineering - 184 pages

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Page 171 - President, performing my constitutional duty to "give to the Congress information of the state of the Union," I find it, unhappily, necessary to report that the future and the safety of our country and of our democracy are overwhelmingly involved in events far beyond our borders.
Page 42 - P = mean effective pressure in pounds per square inch; L = length of stroke in feet; A =area of piston in square inches; N = number of strokes per minute = revolutions per minute x 2.
Page 176 - Arithmetic. — In solving problems the processes should be not merely indicated, but all the figures necessary in solving each problem should be given in full. The answer to each problem should be indicated by writing "Ans.
Page 174 - ... within an equilateral triangle to the three sides is equal to the altitude of the triangle (Fig. 2). 4. If two medians of a triangle are equal, the triangle is isosceles. 5. The perpendiculars from the mid-points of two sides of a triangle upon the third side are equal. 6. The lines drawn through two opposite vertices of a parallelogram to the mid-points of the opposite sides divide one of the diagonals into three equal parts (Fig. 3). 7. If upon the three sides of a triangle equilateral triangles...
Page 163 - J-inch larger in diameter than the cylinders. The leathers must be kept soaked with castor oil and must be well soaked in that before using; and a tin box containing spare leathers and castor oil must be kept on hand. Once, or sometimes twice a...
Page 174 - NB — Do not write on this sheet. Blank sheets will be furnished for the answers to the questions hereon. Number answers to correspond with numbers of questions. Write only on the ruled side of the blank sheets furnished.
Page 130 - ... shaft collars revolve. There is a steady bearing, D, at each end, cast in one with the pedestal, which relieves the thrust bearing of the weight of the shaft. Each steady bearing is fitted with a bottom brass and cap. both lined with white metal, and at the forward end of the forward steady bearing, and the after end of the after steady bearing, there is a divided stuffing box and gland to prevent the escape of oil. The oil trough in the pedestal contains a circulating pipe or coil for cooling...
Page 174 - The diagonal of a rectangle is. 25 inches. If the rectangle were 4 inches shorter and 8 inches wider, the diagonal would still be 25 inches. Find the area of the rectangle.
Page 162 - This removes the heat of compression and passes the compressed cooled air to the expander, a regular cut-off steam engine into which the air is admitted during a portion of the stroke of the piston. The admission is then cut off and the air in the cylinder is expanded as the piston proceeds to finish its stroke.
Page 25 - ... augmentors 10 minutes before time set for getting under way. After getting under way, close turbine drains. Shift to cruising combination, when fitted, as soon as both engines are signalled to go ahead at same speed. Take a set of turbine dummy clearances. Watch carefully all bearings for signs of heating. It is important to note that a cruising combination should not be used until it is certain that the steam pressure is high enough to make the required number of revolutions with the combination...

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