Hangchow: The "City of Heaven,"

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Presbyterian Mission Press, 1906 - Hangzhou (China) - 110 pages
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Page 5 - Departing thence I came unto the city of CANSAY, a name which signifieth the ' City of Heaven.' And 'tis the greatest city in the whole world, so great indeed that I should scarcely venture to tell of it, but that I have met at Venice people in plenty who have been there. It is. a good hundred 'miles in compass, and there is not in it a span of ground which is not well peopled. And many a tenement is there which shall have 10 or 12 households comprised in it.
Page 12 - You must know also that the city of Kinsay has some 3000 baths, the water of which is supplied by springs. They are hot baths, and the people take great delight in them, frequenting them several times a month, for they are very cleanly in their persons.
Page 5 - Po, for it is longer than it is broad," and so on, relating how his host took him to see a great monastery of the idolaters, where there was a garden full of grottoes, and therein many animals of divers kinds, which they believed to be inhabited by the souls of gentlemen. " But if any one should desire to tell all the vastness and great marvels of this city, a good quire of stationery would not hold the matter, I trow. For 'tis the greatest and noblest city, and the finest for merchandize that the...
Page 5 - And there lie also great suburbs which contain a greater population than even the city itself. This city is situated upon lagoons of standing water, with canals like the city of Venice and it hath more than 12,000 bridges on each of which are stationed guards, guarding the city on behalf of the Great Khan.
Page 30 - ... about ninety feet in width. Throughout the remainder of its length it is made of piles, brushwood and earth. For purposes of management and repair the wall is divided into three main divisions, with a superintendent over each division.
Page 101 - ... No, no," smiled the mother, "I cannot do that. To-day have I completed the atonement for my sins, and must therefore return at once to the ' Old Mother' in the Western Heaven ; for now have I become an immortal.'' Then turning to her kinsmen who had gathered about, she continued, " Dear ones, I thank you with all my heart for the love and care you have bestowed upon my son, who has become "Senior Wrangler of the Empire.
Page 14 - Difficult as it is for the European to realise that such a mixture of filth, slime and squalor constitutes a city, it is even more difficult for him to realise that just inside these same shanty-like shops there are hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and sleek, well-fed and wellclothed proprietors who count their wealth with no less than six figures.
Page 26 - ... a great distance. This concavity of the channel bank deflects the tidal currents, throwing them against the river currents which, together with the piling up of the water as it crowds into the apex of this funnel-shaped channel, produces the phenomenon known as "the bore.
Page 103 - Its surroundings, its climate, and the peaceful characteristics of its people have made it, since the very earliest times, one of the most delightful and prosperous cities of the great empire.
Page 14 - ... on the front gates, that seem to be huddled together along these same narrow, dark, undrained, unswept, and often unpaved alleyways, constitute the real Chinese city.

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