Hans Breitmann's Ballads

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T. B. Peterson & Brothers, 1884 - Dialect literature, American - 312 pages
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Page 30 - Hans Breitmann gife a barty ; Dere all vas Souse und Brouse, Ven de sooper corned in, de gompany Did make demselfs to house ; Dey ate das Brot and Gensy broost, De Bratwurst and Braten fine, Und vash der Abendessen down Mit four parrels of Neckarwein. Hans
Page 55 - ER noble Ritter Hugo Von Schwillensaufenstein, Rode out mit shpeer and helmet, Und he coom to de panks of de Rhine. Und oop dere rose a meer maid, Vot hadn't got nodings on, Und she say, " Oh, Ritter Hugo, Vhere you goes
Page 29 - vas himmel-plue, Und ven dey looket indo mine, Dey shplit mine heart in two. Hans Breitmann gife a barty, I vent dere you'll pe pound. I valtzet mit Madilda Yane Und vent shpinnen round und
Page 53 - Und, py tarn ! it kilt dem dead ! Hans Breitmann choined de Toorners; De ladies coomed in to see; Dey poot dem in de blace for de gals, All in der gal-lerie. Dey ashk : " Vhere ish der Breitmann ?" And dey dremple mit awe and fear Ven dey see him schwingen py de
Page 49 - took him to der Bilot Nob, Und all der nobs around; Dey spreed him und dey tea'd him Dill dey roon him to de ground. Hans Breitmann vent to Kansas ; Troo all dis earthly land, A vorkin out life's mission here Soo'byectifly und grand. Some beoblesh runs de beautiful,
Page 56 - mit your schnapps und lager? Coom down into der Rhine ! Der ish pottles der Kaiser Charlemagne Vonce filled mit gold-red wine!" Dat fetched him—he shtood all shpell pound; She pooled his coat-tails down, She drawed him
Page 78 - Ve foils, und knocks our outsides in, Ven ve a ten shtrike make. So vas it mit der Schnitzerlein On his philosopede. His feet both shlipped outsideward shoost Vhen at his extra shpeed. He felled oopon der vheel of course; De vheel like blitzen flew : Und Schnitzerl he
Page 48 - no dings could be heard; Dey'd growed so fat in Kansas Dat dey couldn't speak a vord. Hans Breitmann vent to Kansas ; Py shings ! I dell you vot. Von day he met a crisly bear Dat rooshed him down, bei Gott! Boot der Breitmann took und bind der bear, Und bleased him fery much— For
Page 46 - dat rooster!" Den der Hans dook a trink und a let-bencil und a biece of baper, and goes indo himself a little dimes und denn coomes out again mit dis boem : Hans Breitmann vent to Kansas; He drafel fast und far. He rided shoost drei dousand miles All in von rail-roat car. He knowed foost
Page 52 - Dey make shimnastig dricks He stoot on de middle of de floor, Und put oop a fifdy-six. Und den he trows it to de roof, Und schwig off a treadful trink : De veight coom toomple pack on his headt, Und py shinks

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