Happy Days

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George H. Doran Company, 1915 - Fiction - 427 pages

 Excerpt-When Margery was three months old I wrote a letter to her mother:

Dear Madam,—If you have a copy in Class D at 1/10d. net, I shall be glad to hear from you.I am,The Baby's Uncle.

On Tuesday I got an answer by the morning post:

Dear Sir,—In reply to yours: How dare you insult my child? She is in Class A1, priceless and bought in by the owner. Four months old (and two days) on Christmas Day. Fancy!I am,The Baby's Mother.


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Page 366 - Indeed? Will you cast your mind back to the night of 24 April, 1897? What were you doing on that night?" "I have no idea," said Jobson, after casting his mind back and waiting in vain for some result. "In that case you cannot swear that you were not being turned out of the Hampstead Parliament " "But I never belonged to it." Rupert leaped at the damaging admission. "What? You told the Court that you lived at Hampstead, and yet you say that you never belonged to the Hampstead Parliament? Is that your...
Page 364 - ... said. Rupert Carleton was still in the twenties, but he had been a briefless barrister for some years. Yet, though briefs would not come, he had been very far from idle. He had stood for Parliament in both the Conservative and Liberal interests (not to mention his own). He had written half a dozen unproduced plays, and he was engaged to be married. But success in his own profession had been delayed. Now at last was his opportunity. He pulled his wig down firmly over his ears, took out a pair...
Page 363 - Just a moment,' interrupted the Judge. ' Who is defending the prisoner ? ' There was an unexpected silence. Rupert Carleton, who had dropped idly into court, looked round in sudden excitement. The poor girl had no counsel! What if he—yes, he would seize the chance ! He stood up boldly. ' I am, my lord,' he said. Rupert Carleton was still in the twenties, but he had been a briefless barrister for some years. Yet, though briefs would not come, he had been very far from idle. He had stood for Parliament...
Page 391 - ... the opposite direction to the tidal wave, may at least so far counteract it as to add a few million years to the period during which the earth will be habitable. FROUDE, O ceana, Ch. V, 75. All London was gathered in Lady Marchpane's drawing-room ; all London that is, which was worth knowing — a qualification which accounted for the absence of several million people who had never heard of Lady Marchpane. Punch, No. 3725, 426 a. •• Difference in opinions has cost many millions of lives....
Page 388 - Wash, whence it was recovered a century afterwards. It must have travelled thence to France, for it was seen once in the possession of Louis XI ; and from there to Spain, for Philip the Handsome presented it to Joanna on her wedding day. Columbus took it to America, but fortunately brought it back again ; Peter the Great threw it at an indifferent musician ; on one of its later visits to England Pope wrote a couplet to it. And the most astonishing thing in its whole history was that now for more...
Page 367 - To the Hackney Parliament, I should say. I am suggesting that you were turned out of the Hackney Parliament for " "I don't belong to that either." "Exactly!" said Rupert triumphantly. "Having been turned out for intoxication?
Page 271 - I forget who you said you were going as ? " "Somebody who had black hair," I said. "I have been thinking it over and I have come to the conclusion that I should have knocked them rather if I had had black hair. Instead of curly eyes and blue hair. Can you think of anybody for me ? " Queen Elizabeth regarded me as sternly as she might have regarded Well, I "m not very good at history. " Do you mean to say," she said at last, "that that is as far as you have got ? Somebody who had black hair...
Page 363 - The New Bailey was crowded with a gay and fashionable throng. It was a remarkable case of shop-lifting. Aurora Delaine, nineteen, was charged with feloniously stealing and conveying certain articles, the property of the Universal Stores, to wit thirty-five yards of book-muslin, ten pairs of gloves, a sponge, two gimlets, five jars of cold cream, a copy of the Clergy List, three hat-guards, a mariner's compass, a box of drawing-pins, an egg-breaker, six blouses, and a cabman's whistle.
Page 16 - I want," I said, "a present for a child." "Yes, sir. About how old?" "It must be quite new," I said sternly. "Don't be silly. Oh, I see; well, the child is only a baby." "Ah, yes. Now here—if it's at all fond of animals " "I say, you mustn't call it 'IT.
Page 79 - I had regarded my commercial enterprise in the bulk, as a finished monument of industry; the little niggling preliminary details had not come up for consideration. Just for a second I wondered how to begin. Only for a second. An unsuspected talent which has long lain dormant needs, when waked, a second or so to turn round in. At the end of that time I had made up my mind. I knew exactly what I would do. I would ring up my solicitor. "Hallo, is that you? Yes. this is me. What? Yes, awfully, thanks....

About the author (1915)

 Alan Alexander Milne  (18 January 1882 – 31 January 1956) was a British author, best known for his books about the teddy bear Winnie-the-Pooh and for various children's poems. Milne was a noted writer, primarily as a playwright, before the huge success of Pooh overshadowed all his previous work.-wikipedia

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