Happy Thoughts: Complete, Including Happy Thoughts, More Happy Thoughts, and Our Yacht

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Roberts, 1891 - English wit and humor - 607 pages
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Page 275 - You Gentlemen of England who live at home at ease, how little do you think upon" the dangers of this infernal hunting.
Page 122 - These are therefore to command you, in her Majesty's name, to be and appear before me on at o'clock in the forenoon at or before such other justice or justices of the peace for the same [county] as may then be there, to answer to the said charge, and to be further dealt with according to law.
Page 303 - For better for worse, for richer for poorer, till death us do part," is no longer the sole and solemn bond of matrimony.
Page 198 - I've sorted all mine carefully, I find a trump among the clubs. Having placed him in his position on the right of my hand, I find a stupid Three of Clubs among the spades; settled him. Lastly, a King of Diamonds upside down, which seems to entirely disconcert me; put him right. Englefield says, " Come, be quick " — Stenton tells me
Page 202 - I quite forgot spades were trumps; that comes of that horrid little card being on the left instead of the right. Happy Thought. Not to show my mistake : nod at Englefield, and intimate that " he'll see what's coming." So, by the way, will my partner. In a polite moment I accept another cup of tea. I don't want it, and have to put it by the half-crown, shilling, and candlestick on the whisttable, where I'm afraid of knocking it over, and am obliged to let it get quite cold, as I have to...
Page 57 - I could stop and look at this for an age," then take out my watch. " You can come back again to it," observes Dilbury, seizing my elbow again. Meet Mrs. and Miss Millar again. Awkward. Don't know whether to bow or smile, or nod, or what this time. I say, as we pass, " Not gone yet ?" I don't think she likes it. I didn't say it as I should like to have said it, or as I would have said it, if I had the opportunity over again. I daresay it sounded rude.
Page 274 - I see him and cut at him with my whip. Old gentleman very angry. I try to laugh it off. With the dogs I ride through the gate. Capital fun. The hare is caught in a ditch by the roadside. Old gentleman still angry. I am told...
Page 270 - Happy Thought. — Are people ever sea-sick from riding? No scientific riding here ! Can't get my equilibrium. Ought to have had a string for my hat. Cram it on. I think, from the horse's habit of looking back sideways, that he's seen the loose antigropelo, and it has frightened him. He breaks into a gallop. It feels as if he was always stumping on one leg. He changes his leg, which unsettles me. He changes his legs every minute. Wish I could change mine for a pair of strong ones in comfortable boots...
Page 51 - That is really a poetic description ! Do you like rowing ? " Yes, I do, and Happy Thought. — Wouldn't it be nice to have a pic-nic up the river ? Miss MILLAR says, " Oh do." She knows some girls who will go. I reply I know some men who will be delighted : only she (Miss MILLAR) must let me chaperon her for the day. (This with an arch look : rather telling, I think. Couldn't have done it so well before I was married. Being married, of course there 's no harm in it.) "Oh yes,
Page 202 - Happy Thought. Put sixpence by itself on my left hand. Stenton asks what's that for? Happy Thought. To say it's the way I always mark. Stenton says,

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