Has Cupid Gone Mad?: Surviving the War of Hearts

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Createspace Independent Pub, Feb 9, 2013 - Fiction - 206 pages
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Has Cupid Gone Mad?[ Surviving The War Of Hearts ][Word From The Author] ~ Oh for crying out loud, will anyone survive the war of hearts? Let's not fight, let's love! This book is for the opposite genders - read into a woman's mind and understand the complexity of our emotions, read into a man's mind and understand the simple things that either bring us together or drive us apart. In the war of hearts, the winning line is on the common ground; for as long as compromise is rejected, the battle will never be won.THE BOOK:“In this war – some win, some lose; some survive, some get injured and some die, but even so, I can attest to you that there is 'Life After Death.'” ~ Belinda ElkaimPrologueEight people with entirely different perspectives find their lives intertwining with each other. While searching for their own identities and their perfect love, they keep ignoring the fact that everyone is different and that they cannot expect others to share their own perspectives because no mindsets are ever alike.Under “Cupid's influence”, they rage internal wars against themselves while the men in their lives try to show them different ways to the winning line. However volatile and delicate, Amber marches forward to claim a long lost treasure, Karina surrenders to deafening silence and awakes to a huge explosion, Taylor loses the battle to her own stubbornness and Yvette goes numb within a treaty zone.Cupid has not gone mad, it is just that they choose what they want to see and ignore what they do not want to know. Between the constant contradictions of acceptance and rejections, fear and faith, trust and doubt, can anyone ever find the common ground to win 'The War Of Hearts'?

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