Hawaii and Its People: The Land of Rainbow and Palm

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Silver, Burdett, 1899 - Hawaii - 384 pages
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Page 253 - Constitution, adopted a century 1 ago, provision was made for a Supreme Court consisting of a chief justice and two associate justices.
Page 340 - Upon the facts developed it seemed to me the only honorable course for our Government to pursue was to undo the wrong that had been done by those representing us and to restore as far as practicable the status existing at the time of our forcible intervention.
Page 245 - ... to consider the Sandwich Islands as an Independent State, and never to take possession, either directly or under the title of Protectorate, or under any other form, of any part of the territory of which they are composed.
Page 105 - Being led into the cabin, he approached Captain Cook with great veneration, and threw over his shoulders a piece of red cloth, which he had brought along with him. Then stepping a few paces back, he made an offering of a small pig which he held in his hand, whilst he pronounced a discourse that lasted for a considerable time.
Page 257 - ... native teachers, and so pressed their work that now the proportion of inhabitants who can read and write is greater than in New England. And, whereas, they found these islanders a nation of half-naked savages, living in the surf and on the sand, eating raw fish, fighting among themselves, tyrannized over by feudal chiefs and abandoned to sensuality, they now see them- decently clothed, recognizing the...
Page 234 - ... children to be future monarchs, and they learn subjects such as language and religious practice.15 Quickly, though, the narrating voice becomes strained, and rather than continue to review her schooling, the "I" settles into a single memory and chooses her words very carefully. The teachers, she writes, were "especially particular to teach us the proper use of the English language; but when I recall the instances in which we were sent hungry to bed, it seems to me that they failed to remember...
Page 227 - Archipelago, direct his counsels, influence his conduct, and are the true authors of the insults given by him to France. For me, they compose a part of the native population, and must undergo the unhappy consequences of a war which they shall have brought on this country.
Page 73 - It was an era of strife, dynastic ambitions, internal and external wars, on each island, with all their deteriorating consequences of anarchy, depopulation, social and intellectual degradation, loss of liberty, loss of knowledge, loss of arts.
Page 256 - The mourning for his death was universal and sincere. His memory will ever be dear to his people for his unselfish patriotism, for the liberal constitution which he granted them, and for the gift of the right to hold lands in fee simple. His reign will also be memorable for the unexampled progress made by the nation, and for its wonderful preservation from the many perils which beset it. While there were grave faults in his character, there were also noble traits. He loved his country and his people....

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