Healing What Hurts

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HEALING WHAT HURTS: Learn to heal yourself naturally - from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Are you suffering from fever, aches and pains, depression, or a rash? These symptoms and others could mean that something in your body or life is out of balance. According to Dr. David Y. Wong, this is the perfect opportunity for you to listen to your body, tap into its natural ability to heal itself, and take charge of your own health. In Healing What Hurts, Dr. Wong and medical writer Deborah Mitchell show how self-healing techniques such as herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupressure, and meditation can be used to treat ailments from bad breath to tinnitus, bronchitis to varicose veins. For instance, you will learn about alternatives to antibiotics that nourish, rather than compromise, the immune system and how to use exercise and acupressure treatments to rein in back pain. Each ailment section contains: Vital information such as causes and risk factors; Prevention tips; Best-bet natural remedies and step-by-step advice on how to use them; Alternative treatments for relief of symptoms; What symptoms are urgent and when to seek professional help This reader-friendly guidebook delivers the tools you need to become an active participant in your own health and well-being.

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I don't think it's okay for men to have sex with little boys. I don't think it's okay when men drive boys to suicide for kicks, and call themselves "healers". I don't think it's okay for up-and-comers in the field of holistic health to turn a blind eye to the sexual assault of minors on the grounds that their careers are more important. I haven't read the book, because the man who wrote it isn't fit to breathe the same air as I do, much less speak to me on paper or in person. I think he would do better writing long letters to "Mel" and a number of other boys whose lives he has derailed and explain that, "No, Dr. Phil Hanisch could not hear your voice if you talked about him when he wasn't present; that, no, he couldn't burn a hole through you with his stare; and, no, he couldn't make a clock run backwards, that only worked with one clock and it was defective." I think Dr. Wong's colleague Mr. Schenk should wake up to the fact that his inability to disengage from the men who molested him, or from the men and women who condoned that molestation, obstructs any actual healing he may have taken a course or two in. Healing doesn't come from those who are fundamentally sick.  

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First and foremost, Winifred Conkling is the mother of two children, Hannah (who was conceived the first month of "trying") and Ella (who took considerably longer and ultimately inspired this book). Once the kids are asleep, Conkling transforms into a freelance writer with extensive experience writing about health and alternative medicine. She is the author of "Stopping Time: Natural Remedies for Aging" (Dell, 1997), "Natural Remedies for Arthritis " (Dell, 1997), " Natural Remedies for Children" (St. Martin's, 1996), "Trade Secrets" (Fireside, 1995), and" Securing Your Child's Future" (Ballantine, 1995), among other books. Her work has been published in a number of national magazines including" American Health, Consumer Reports, Mademoiselle, McCall's, " and "Reader's Digest.

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