Health, Illness, and Medicine in Canada

Oxford University Press, 2008 - 446 Seiten
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Health, Illness, And Medicine In Canada is a well-written and student friendly overview of the main issues surrounding the sociology of health and illness and the sociology of medicine in our country. The first section opens with a discussion of the basic sociological perspectives, and ways of thinking about health, illness, and medicine. Chapter one addresses all of the major sociological approaches: structural functionalism, symbolic interactionism, feminist theory, and conflict theory. Part Two addresses critical issues in the sociology of health and illness: disease and death in Canada; environmental and occupational health and illness; social inequity, disease, and death (including age and gender factors as well as class, race, and ethnicity factors); the experience of being ill including an inside view of how illness is experienced and a unique case study on women and cancer. The third part is devoted to the sociology of medicine. This is very significant; it allows the book to branch out of sociology courses and into nursing courses. Eight out of the book's total 16 chapters are in this section. This section is particularly strong. Chapters here investigate the social construction of scientific and medical knowledge and medical practice; medicalization: the medical-moral mix; medical practitioners, medicare, and the state; the medical profession; a critical assessment of the medical care system in Canada; nurses and midwives in a changing health-care system; complementary and alternative medicine; and the medical-industrial complex.

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Über den Autor (2008)

Dr. Juanne Nancarrow Clarke is a professor of sociology in the Sociology and Anthropology department at Wilfrid Laurier University. She earned her PhD from Waterloo. As a medical sociologist, Dr. Clarke has spent her career exploring the public health system and the personal health systems of individuals. Her research interests include health and illness, gender and medicine, as well as qualitative and feminist methodologies. Since joining Wilfrid Laurier in 1971, Dr. Clarke has taught a number of courses such as, Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of Medicine, Sociology of Sex Roles, and Sociology of Health and Illness. She has a substantial list of publications, including books and book chapters, articles in refereed journals, reports, book reviews and papers read at learned societies. She is writing a chapter for our upcoming introductory sociology book, The Social World.

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