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23. lappuse - Washington, DC The subcommittee met, pursuant to adjournment, at 10 o'clock am, in the committee room, Capitol, Hon.
75. lappuse - ... shall be deemed a contractual obligation of the Federal Government for the payment of the cost thereof and such funds shall be deemed to have been expended when so obligated.
87. lappuse - Corps are maintained. In time of peace retired officers, retired warrant officers, or retired enlisted men shall not be detailed under the provisions of this section without their consent, and no officer on the active list shall be detailed for recruiting service or for duty at a school or college, not including schools of the service, where officers on the retired list can be secured who are competent for such duty. Hereafter retired officers below the grade of brigadier general and retired warrant...
5. lappuse - Army, including not to exceed 86 medical officers, $3,242,593, none of which shall be available for increased pay for making aerial flights by non-flying officers at a rate in excess of $1,440 per annum, which shall be the legal maximum rate as to such officers: * * *
65. lappuse - Colonel JOHNSON. Mr. Chairman and gentlemen of the committee, my name is Orvel Johnson; I am a lieutenant colonel of Infantry, of the Officers' Reserve Corps, of the Army of the United States.
19. lappuse - The object of the Reserve Officers' Association shall be to support and assist in the development and execution of a military policy of the United States which will provide adequate national defense.
138. lappuse - That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about, for example, the Mad River, or the Naugatuck River, which are not navigable.
20. lappuse - Colonel ? Colonel JEWELL. I mean the activities carried on outside of the combat branches of the Army: for example, the carrying on of schools and the carrying on of the training of the National Guard, the Organized Reserves, and the Reserve Officers
56. lappuse - No part of the appropriations made in this Act shall be available for pay, allowances, or traveling or other expenses of any officer or enlisted man of the National Guard who may be drawing a pension, disability allowance, disability compensation, or retired pay from the Government of the United States...
122. lappuse - ... movements of every part of the complicated machinery of government would evince a most unpardonable ignorance on the subject. Whilst the great outlines of its movements may be marked out, and limitations imposed on the exercise of its powers, there are numberless things which must be done, that can neither be anticipated nor defined, and which are essential to the proper action of the Government.

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