Heart Of The Living God: Love, Free Will, Foreknowledge, And Heaven / A Theology On The Treasure Of Love

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AuthorHouse, Jun 1, 2004 - Religion - 728 pages
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Maness asks us to "tie up" our sneakers, for we are going to have some fun as we hike into the Grand Canyon of the Free-Will vs. Foreknowledge debate. First of its kind, Maness attempts to bring some of the "brain splitting" complexities of this issue to light with good humor and a Grand Canyon analogy. Maness says "this is about the heart of the living God" . "so I thought, if I cannot make this fun, what is the point?" You will laugh. The "genuineness" of God's relationship with us in real time is the focus of this small book. "I want to get personally involved," says Maness, "So the book itself is less than 100 pages. Easy, yes? But the sub-strata is connected to 1,500] years of heated debate and even persecution-a Grand Canyon." Maness clarifies several dynamics of that "relationship" that are crucial to this debate, dynamics that Classical Theists have avoided and even brazenly denied significance for centuries. In clarifying, Maness challenges Classical Theism's defense of the "fixed God" as far outside the New Testament, offering some very clear and critical challenges against the lame and effectually sleeping God of Classical Theism. We have fun, think, get mad, giggle and laugh. The debate is alive today. To illustrate the truly Grand Can-yon, in 150+ extra pages, Maness gives us a literature review of 19 diverse works in Appendix 1 and an aptly named "Abysmal Bibli-ography." Maness does not pretend to solve the problem here, just offer some critical points that will be part of a biblical solution. A clear gauntlet has been cast before the Classical Theists. So . tie up your sneakers and take a hike with Mike Maness as he walks with you into the Grand Canyon. see more atwww.preciousheart.net

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