Heart Survivor: Recovery After Heart Surgery

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Jan 20, 2017 - 124 pages
In this first-person account, thriller novel author, and scuba diving safety expert, Eric Douglas examines his own recovery from open-heart surgery and the road back to health and fitness as a Heart Survivor. In January 2016, Douglas failed a stress test and ultimately had quintuple bypass surgery. Looking back over the previous year, he recognized many times that he denied symptoms and ignored the possibility that his heart was in trouble. Following the surgery, Douglas made two promises: to be as public as he could about his own recovery process so others could learn from it; and to get back in shape so he could return to scuba diving. Douglas' story is for anyone diagnosed with heart disease whether they are treating their condition with diet and medications, received stents to open arteries or have had open-heart surgery. To further illustrate the recovery process, Douglas surveyed more than 100 survivors to learn about their diagnoses, the changes they made in their lives and how their own recoveries progressed.

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About the author (2017)

Eric Douglas spent his childhood Sunday nights watching "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" and dreamed of diving alongside the Captain. He became a diver, and then a dive instructor, meeting his goals and pursuing a life of adventure and travel. Through his fictional works, Eric take readers on adventures of their own. His stories have everything thriller junkies crave; action, adventure and intrigue, set against a backdrop beautiful locations, the ocean and the environment, and scuba diving. The fast-paced stories are exciting, but Eric also hopes to inspire future generations of explorers and adventurers like Cousteau did for him. After completing a program at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, Eric jumped into documentary work, creating nonfiction works on lobster divers, war veterans, and cancer survivors.

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