Heidi: A Story for Children and Those that Love Children

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Ginn, 1899 - Grandfathers - 363 pages
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A Swiss orphan is heartbroken when she must leave her beloved grandfather and their happy home in the mountains to go to school and to care for an invalid girl in the city.

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Page 369 - The book is a handsome specimen of the arts of typography and binding, while the selections and their arrangement speak well for the judgment and taste of the editors.
Page 368 - Sisters" represent the seven races. The book shows how people live in the various parts of the world, what their manners and customs are, what the products of each section are and how they are interchanged. " Each and All" continues the story of " Seven Little Sisters," and tells more of the peculiarities of the various races, especially in relation to childhood.
Page 364 - THE author is Mr. Montgomery, the eminent and successful writer of historical text-books, whose books have stood the test of everyday use in thousands of schools in all parts of the country. This book is in no sense an abridgment of the author's "American History," but is entirely new and distinct, and arranged on a very different plan. All the main points are covered by interesting biographies. It is almost purely biographical, but care has been taken to make the stories cover, either directly or...
Page 365 - Boards, igi pages. Fully illustrated. For introduction, 40 cents. THIS is a book of stories from English history, edited for school and home use. It is intended to serve as a supplementary reading book for boys and girls from ten to fifteen years of age. It consists of a series of dramatic and notable events in English history from the earliest time to the present day, carefully compiled and rewritten from standard books and well-known authors. The material has been arranged in the form of stories...
Page 368 - THE JANE ANDREWS BOOKS A remarkable series of attractive and interesting books for young people, — written in a clear, easy, and picturesque style. This is the famous Jane Andrews series which has been for many years an old-time favorite with young folks. Other juvenile books come and go, but the Jane Andrews books maintain the irresistible charm they always have had. THE SEVEN LITTLE SISTERS WHO LIVE ON THE ROUND BALL THAT FLOATS IN THE AIR. I2mo. Cloth.
Page 19 - So you shall, but bring the things along," commanded the grandfather; "they can be put in the cupboard." Heidi obeyed. The old man opened the door, and Heidi followed him into a good-sized room, which embraced the whole hut. In it were a table and a chair; in one corner was the grandfather's bed, in another the fireplace where hung the large kettle; on the other side, in the wall, was a large door, which the grandfather opened; it was the cupboard. There hung his clothes, and on one shelf lay his...
Page 367 - Price, 70 cents ; for introduction, 60 cents. is a book of easy reading, containing sketches of the early days of Massachusetts, — Massachusetts Indians, the Pilgrims of Plymouth, English Boston, William Blackstone, John Winthrop, Extracts from Wood's New England's Prospect, with notes and appendix. It is intended for children who have not yet begun or are just beginning the study of United States History, and to supplement or prepare the way for the ordinary text-book. It has already been used...
Page 369 - No Eastern romancer ever dreamed of such a treasure-house as our English literature. With this " Open Sesame " in his possession a boy or girl has only to enter and make its wealth his own. Every piece is believed to be worth carrying away in the memory. The best writings of our classic authors are here, with selections from recent literature and not a few translations.
Page 368 - Stories Mother Nature Told " some of her most precious secrets. She tells about the amber, about the dragon-fly and its wonderful history, about water-lilies, how the Indian corn grows, what queer pranks the Frost Giants indulge in, about coral, and starfish, and coal mines, and many other things in which children take delight. In " Ten Boys " the history of the world is summarized in the stories of Kabla the Aryan boy, Darius the Persian boy, Cleon the Greek boy, Horatius the Roman boy, Wulf the...
Page 369 - OPEN SESAME! About One Thousand Pieces of the Choicest Prose and Verse. COMPILED BY BLANCHE WILDER BELLAMY AND MAUD WILDER GOODWIN, VOL. I. for children from four to ten years old. VOL. II.

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