Helen Redeemed and Other Poems

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Macmillan, 1913 - English poetry - 221 pages

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Page 228 - Crown 8vo. 75. 6d. THE BAB BALLADS, with which are included Songs of a Savoyard.
Page 193 - TO THE GODS OF THE COUNTRY SUN and Moon, shine upon me ; Make glad my days and clear my nights ! O Earth, whose child I am, Grant me thy patience ! O Heaven, whose heir I may be, Keep quick my hope ! Your steadfastness I need, O Hills ; O Rain, thy kindness ! Snow, keep me pure ; O Fire, teach me thy pride ! From you, ye Winds, I ask your blitheness ! 1909.
Page 221 - DEDICATION To the Fountain of my long dream, To the Chalice of all my sorrow, To the Lamp held up, and the Stream Of Light that beacons to-morrow ; To the Bow, the Quiver and Dart, To the Bridle-rein, to the Yoke Proudly upborne, to the Heart On fire, to the Mercy-stroke ; To Apollo herding his cattle, To Proserpina grave in Dis ; To the high Head in the battle, And the Crown — I consecrate this.
Page 146 - Zeus loved in a cloud, So lay she in her lover's shroud, And o'er her members crept the chill We know when mist creeps up a hill Out of the vale at eve. As grows The ivy, rooting as it goes, In such a quick close envelope She lay aswoon, nor guessed the scope Nor tether of his hot intent, Nor what...
Page 186 - Ten years' woe for Troy and Greece By her begun, the slim, the sweet, Ended by her in final peace Of him who loved her first of all ; Nor ever swerved from his high passion, But through misery and shame Saw her spirit like a flame Eloquent of her sacred fashion — Hers whose eyes are homes of light, To which she tends, from which she came.
Page 185 - By thy roses and snow, By thy sun-litten hair, By thy low bosom and slow Pondered kisses, O hear ! " By thy glimmering eyes, By thy burning cheek, By thy murmuring sighs, Speak, Helen, O speak ! " Ruinous Face, O Ruinous Face, Art thou come so early...
Page 121 - So, as he fared, I yearn To be, and serve my years of pain and loss 'Neath my walled Ilios, With my eyes ever fixt to where, a star, Thou and thy sisters are, Helen and Beatrice, with thee embraced, Hands in thy hands, and arms about thy waist.
Page 218 - SPRING ON THE DOWN When Spring blows o'er the land, and sunlight flies Across the hills, we take the upland way. I have her waist, the wooing wind her eyes And lips and cheeks. His kissing makes her As flowers. " Thou hast two lovers, O my dear," Say I ; and she, " He takes what thou dost fear.
Page 183 - Starry wonder that she was, Caged like sea-bird in his arms, See her passion thrill, then pass From him who, doting on her charms, So became abominable. Watch her bosom dip and swell...

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