Help Us God, Our Families Need You

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Trafford Publishing, 2004 - 206 pages
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Help Us God, Our Family Needs You!, is a book about finding the truth, wisdom, and answers to the tough issues in our lives. This is not a book that you read but one that you "do." If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines then this book walks you into connecting with God in a real and personal way that applies to the everyday challenges of life. You will talk to God, and hear from Him perhaps as you never have before. This interactive book challenges you to see and affect change in yourself, your family and the generations to follow. This book is for those who were brought up in church and for those who may have never stepped foot in one except for maybe weddings and funerals, because it is not about church and religion. It is about a establishing and growing a real live relationship with the God of the universe. How exciting!

The book does not shirk away from the trying issues of our times like abortion, abuse, addictions, crime and homosexuality. It also addresses your personal desires like figuring out what to do with your life, desiring a spouse, keeping a marriage together, and raising children. Too often people find themselves going down a path that is to their detriment rather than for their good. The author says the aim of this book is to give direction and hope because "all families should prosper and have a passion that inspires each family member to understand their purpose and positively contribute to society." This book helps you get back on track by establishing order out of chaos in your life and that of your family, and challenges you to leave a legacy for your family that will grow and prosper for generations to come. Help Us God, Our Family Needs You! gives practical real life ways to strengthen your family, and excellent resources for dealing with the negative influences in your life by teaching you first to go to God in prayer and then get up off your knees to "see" and walk into new way of living.

The prayers themselves are powerful, accompanied with inspiring scripture references to back them up, and then challenge you to "get real" and do something positive about the issues facing your life and your family. This is a book that anybody can use to open the door to a more fulfilling life.

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