Helping Bereaved Children, Second Edition: A Handbook for Practitioners

Nancy Boyd Webb
Guilford Publications, 28 Φεβ 2002 - 408 σελίδες
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Now in a revised and expanded second edition, this popular casebook and text demonstrates a range of therapeutic approaches and interventions for children who have experienced loss. In-depth case examples--several of which are new or include follow-up reports--form the core of the book. The case material is presented in a handy two-column format that provides the reader not only with the content of the sessions, but also with the practitioner's accompanying thoughts and rationale for intervention. Illustrated are ways to help preschoolers through adolescents cope with different forms of bereavement, including death in the family, school, or community. Updated throughout with the latest concepts and methods, this second edition features entirely new chapters on art therapy and storytelling techniques, bereavement groups, and therapist self-care. Other essential new chapters focus on working with children who have witnessed school shootings and those grieving in the aftermath of terrorist attacks. A practical resource for all clinicians who treat children, this book is also an invaluable teaching tool.

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Nancy Boyd Webb, DSW, BCD, RPT-S, is University Distinguished Professor of Social Work at the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service. Her acclaimed publications include [i]Mass Trauma and Violence: Helping Families and Children Cope[/i]; [i]Social Work Practice with Children, Second Edition[/i]; and [i]Play Therapy with Children in Crisis, Second Edition[/i].

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