Henderson's Test Words in English Orthography: With Full Definitions, Also, a List of Modern Geographical Names, with Their Pronunciation : for the Use of Grammar Schools and Academies

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Clark and Maynard, 1875 - Spellers - 105 pages
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Page 76 - In-diet', to impeach. In-dite', to dictate ; to compose. In-tense', extreme. In-tents', designs. In-vade', to attack; to assail. In-veighed', railed ; uttered censure. Jam, a conserve of fruits. Jamb, the side-piece of a door. Key, that which fastens. Quay, a wharf. Kill, to deprive of life ; to slay. Kiln, a pile of brick for burning. Knead, to work or press into a mass. Need, to want ; to lack. Knew, did know. New, fresh ; modern. Knight, a champion. Night, time of darkness. Knot, a part which...
Page 56 - Choir an assembly or band of singers; the part of a church where the singers are placed.
Page 54 - ... faculty of the soul which brings man into conscious relation with the subject, mind or Fountain of Wisdom; the voice of the soul; the voice of love; the voice of spirit in man again bringing to his consciousness that which he knew of old when he was consciously identified with the Great Central Spirit; the act of the mind by which a truth is immediately perceived.
Page 80 - His pedal extremities were too weak for him to peddle much. Peer, an equal ; a nobleman. Pier, a column to support the arch of a bridge. He had no peer among those who helped him construct the pier. Plain, clear. Plane, to level ; to smooth. It is plain that he did not plane the board well. Plum, a...
Page 8 - Dis-fran'chise, to deprive of the rights and privileges of a free citizen.
Page 42 - Relation, the connection that two quantities have to each other with regard to their size or magnitude.
Page 74 - The wiud beat the hail against his hale old body. Hair, the mass of filaments growing from the skin of an animal. Hare, a small quadruped resembling the rabbit. Hall, a large public room; an entry. Haul, to pull ; to draw. He then tried to haul the box through the hall. Heal, to restore ; to reconcile ; to cure. Heel, the hind part of the foot. It took some time for the wound in his heel to thoroughly fceal Hear, to perceive by the ear Here, in this place.
Page 2 - ... cheerfully recommend Mr. NP Henderson's new edition of Test Words for Spelling, as a very useful and valuable Compend for the use of Schools, in this Department of Instruction, and as well worthy of adoption by teachers generally. It comprises a very large and well selected collection of words, adapted especially to the use of those desiring to improve themselves in the art of spelling."— Hon. HENRY KIDDLE, Hup't of Nrtp York City Schools.
Page 70 - Cm'pliment, praise; flattery. Con[fi-dant, a confidential friend. Confi-dcnt, positive; bold. Core, the inner part of anything. Corps, a body of troops. Council, an assembly. Counsel, advice; direction. Cou'ri-er, a messenger. Cur'ri-er, one who dresses leather. Cousin, a relative. Coz'en, to cheat. Creak, to make a harsh noise. Creek, a small river. Currant, a shrub, and its fruit. Cu rent, common ; general. Cym'bal, a musical instrument. Sym'bol...
Page 84 - For fire to cook the steak, he had to cut up a stake from the fence. Stalk, the stem of a plant. Stork, a large bird of passage. The stork stood as high as the stalk of this plant.

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