Henrietta H. House

Front Cover
Singing Winds Press, Dec 20, 2011 - 176 pages
Henrietta and her little dog sleep out in a metal tool shed in the backyard to avoid the hexes her mother regularly puts on them. But all that changes when Henrietta is given a small wooden talisman she must never reveal to anyone. To learn more about one of the most powerful young witches in the world and her unique destiny, visit the author's website at www.eabundyauthor.com

About the author (2011)

E.A. Bundy Author Bio: Occasionally, E.A. Bundy reflects on his past life while dangling 3,000 feet in the air from the face of a sheer cliff on the second most popular climbing peak in the world, Mount Hood, Oregon. Glimpses of his childhood in wildest Borneo flit by as gusty winds shove him across the surface of the vertical rock wall. Other memories soon follow: fighting pirates around the world in the 1500s, and afterwards finding the Fountain of Youth that Ponce de Leon was unable to discover. Never satisfied to stay in one place for very long, he wrestled crocodiles in Australia before going on a twenty-year walkabout. He crossed the Alps with Hannibal, and sided with the Nabateans against Alexander the Great. He never forgave Napoleon for defacing the Sphinx in Egypt—and what a waste of ammunition. He was a wagon train scout along the Oregon Trail, but that was long after sitting through the Salem Witch Trials, and trying to save as many of those poor souls as he could. Of course, his early training in magic had begun in Delphi, directly from the Oracles there. He was able to do all of the aforementioned, but only after he’d uncovered the fabled Time Machine described by H.G. Wells. And just for fun, he started the famous tourist attraction: Bundy’s Believe It or Else, predicated on the notion that Fiction truly is stranger than Fact—and, oftentimes, it is a lot more fun. His most famous quote to date: “It’s all about imagination.” For an abbreviated and much less colorful version of his life, keep reading, and then visit his website for the real story(s). “E.A. Bundy is an Oregon author who loves to write, travel, and read good books. To learn more about him and the novels he has written, or is working on, please visit his website at the following address, or simply do a web search for EA Bundy. www.eabundyauthor.com

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