Herbie and Friends: Cartoons In Wartime

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Dundurn, 15 մյս, 1990 թ. - 104 էջ

Clearly the favourite character of Canada’s overseas troops during World War II, "Herbie" had a penchant for getting into some of the most bizarre predicaments imaginable. With feet that generally led to trouble and a nose like a disillusioned banana, Herbie provided Canadian soldiers with a daily ration of laughter at a time when humour was often at a premium. No figure before or since boosted so effectively the spirit of Canadians overseas.

As J.D. MacFarlane, Editor of The Maple Leaf, stated so aptly: "War can be funny as hell. Things happen to soldiers that shoudn’t happen to a human – crazy situations that add touches of humour to an otherwise grim business ... Herbie helped to win the war with laughs."


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