Heredity of skin color in negro-white crosses, Issue 188

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Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1913 - 106 pages

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Page 29 - This brings us to a matter of great social moment to hundreds of our citizens, namely, the possibility of a reversion in the offspring of a white-skinned descendant of a negro to the brown skin color. There is even a current opinion that such an extracted white, married to a pure-bred white, may have a "black" child. This tradition has been used to create dramatic situations in novels and in newspaper ' ' stories ; ' ' and the dread of this tradition hangs over many a marriage that might otherwise...
Page 108 - PLATE 1. FlG. I. Part of W. family, Bermuda pedigree 6, including a dark grandmother (II 1 (MM)), a black mother (III i (M)) who by an equally black man had a black daughter (IV 1) and by a white man had a mulatto child (IV 2). FiG. 2. Part of W. family, pedigree 13, including a medium-colored mother and six of her seven children by a white man. Also, a first cousin (III 6) of the children. FiG. 3. Part of the G. and O. family, pedigree 21, including a nearly white man [I 3 (F)], his medium-colored...
Page 47 - Wavy-haired persons always, and curly-haired persons sometimes, may carry "absence of curliness" in the germ-cells. It is not generally true that hybrids between whites and blacks are relatively infertile; some such hybrids show an exceptionally high fecundity. There is a strong correlation between skin and hair color, about 0.44 (where the greatest possible correlation is 1.oo). There is no correlation between skin color and the curliness of the hair. The determiners of both traits segregate in...
Page 29 - ... marriage would, then, satisfy the definition of "pass for white" and justify the appellation of the term in this case. As for the "less than one-eighth blood," it appears from our study that a mulatto has two units of black, a quadroon one unit, and an octoroon no unit for negro black pigmentation. Certainly the offspring of such an octoroon and a white person will, so far as skin color goes, be a "white person.

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