Hiacin House

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AuthorHouse, 2002 - Fiction - 160 pages
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Sid--Her career was a dream . . . her personal life a nightmare. Just when life was complete, the only man she had ever loved was taken away by a war that she didn't understand . . . a war that should have never happened.

Their attraction was as immediate as their love, their love making passionate and thrilling. She was truly a woman to be reckoned with, whether provocatively in the bedroom, on the movie set, or haunting the halls of D.C.

Hollywood adored her; Washington ignored her.

This fresh young talent from a small town in Idaho had invaded the silver screen. Although she questioned her fate, it was not important how she got there . . . she took Hollywood by storm! Her untapped talents were the catalysts for providing her the means to lobby Washington for the support to free her lover and other American POW's in Vietnam.

Washington ignored her every attempt . . . A constant battle she couldn't win, until she took matters into her own hands. If conventional methods wouldn't work, it was her decision to do whatever it took, whether ethical or illegal.

Sid is written in an intricately woven style that includes complex technical elements, indelible character traits, and zealous subplots that bring a staunch reality to the book's core.

Traveling from the fir mountain ranges in Idaho, to the decadent lifestyle of Hollywood, to the war-ravaged jungles in Vietnam, to the steps of Capitol Hill. This sweeping epic of romance and adventure is a captivating chronicle that validates, if life really does imitate fiction, it could be the synopsis of Sid's life.

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