Hidden Secrets of Karate-Do

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Trafford Publishing, 2006 - 208 pages
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This is my first work after 40 yrs of study and training. It shares some of the kihon Bunkai of kata as well as some of the more complex applications of "oyo"(close quarter counters) and "Kakushite waza"(hidden hand techniques) not commonly seen or understood. Now the accompanying video is about to be released and the second book hopefully will be released early 2012! This will share more advanced kata of traditional karate-do not commonly taught outside of Okinawa or Japan. Following that I plan to release a volume also with accompanying video on Ryukyu Kobudo later 2012. The foreward on the Hidden Secret of Karate-do was written by three great karate men, William Dometrich, 9th Dan karatedo a Direct student of the founder of Chito Ryu and he is a Hanshi of the Dai Nippon Butokukai, John Sells, 8th Dan of Seito Shito Ryu Karate-do directly under the founders son and the now late David Williams, 7th Dan Kyoshi of Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu Karate-do and direct student of Nagamini Takayoshi, Soke. I am blessed to have studied either under or along side these gentlemen and find their karate to be above reproach. I hope you enjoy the read of my first work on karate-do exploring two traditional Shotokan Karate Kata and the analysis of Bunkai. You can reach me via my email> cincinnatishotokan@yahoo.com Osu! 

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