Hiding in Water: A Memoir Based Mostly in Reality

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Katherine Lippa, Jan 23, 2013 - Children of divorced parents - 294 pages
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Note from the author:

When I wrote the first edition of "Hiding in Water," I got several great reviews as well as comments from readers such as: "It's funny and sad and tragic and awesome." I even got a few remarks that it was "hilarious." Then a cousin of mine told me, "I read your book and it is NOT funny. There were maybe three points where I laughed; the rest of it is really disturbing."

I couldn't figure out why he would think that until I started working on the audiobook. A few days in, I remarked to the engineer, "Wow. If you read this book a certain way, it's really depressing."

And so was born the idea for a new style of audiobook that kept the material intact but also riffed off of it and included the kinds of quips and comments I would make if telling the story to a friend. It also prompted me to write a second edition of the book with the sarcasm pre-added for the convenience of the reader.

You can still get the first edition if you are already imbued with a deep sense of sarcasm, but should you want a lighter version, try the second edition.

So what's the book about? Here's the pitch:

In the years before she was born, author Katherine Lippa's father co-founded a group in which the participants believed they could levitate and move buildings with their minds. His parenting style was based on the premise that all people have a psychic nature and that with special training, a child can harness and build on those abilities. Young Miss Lippa was a willing participant in the experiment until the day she came to believe that her 'powers' caused an unforgivable tragedy.

Told with a surprising amount of humor and insight, "Hiding in Water" uses its unique platform to share a universal story of reconciling belief with reality: belief in ourselves, in others, in our chosen religions, and even in those who lead our countries.


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About the author (2013)

Katherine Lippa is an author, humorist and relatively nice person. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College and began working as the Assistant Artistic Director and Head Writer of the short-lived, but critically acclaimed Avatar Theatrical Ensemble of Los Angeles. In addition, she was the Director of The Writers Group, a small but fruitful organization which helped to develop the careers of new writers.

Katherine has won awards in the World Cinema Film Festival as well as the Los Angeles Screenwriters Expo. She is also a recipient of a Puffin Foundation grant for writers. Katherine also ran an informational website for several years that assisted actors and writers to avoid some of the challenges and pitfalls common to the entertainment industry.

She lives in Portland, Maine along with her two aquatic African Dwarf frogs, Jack and Janet (Chrissy, sadly passed away in 2014). Her website is healthroughhumor.com. There you can also view some of her stand-up comedy routines and LippaLogic Cartoons as well as read her blog and take a look at her Girls Kick Ass series.

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