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Xlibris Corporation, 2006 - Poetry - 94 pages
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"Hieroglyphics," was never written with the intent of becoming a published book. When entering into Mr. Figueroa's creative writing class, Alex just assumed he would be writing various pieces of literature. It turned out that those works would be published into his very own book. The book consists of three different sections which contained different types of writings. The first section of the book is poetry. There are all sorts of different poems about a variety of subjects. Some poems are personal and others are about crazy and weird subjects. In the poetry section, you will see popular types of poems such as the Japanese Haiku, a sonnet, a cinquain, a tongue twister, and a couple of songs. Some of the poems are completely ridiculous such as the poem about corn and the one about Bob Ross. The next section of the book is a collection of short stories and other pieces which are somewhat long in length. In here you will find two short stories about notorious pirates and their tirades and adventures down in the Caribbean. You will also find pieces that are more like essays such as What Superhero I Would Like To Be and If I Were Stranded on a Deserted Island. Many of the works created in this section were fictitious storylines and held no truth to them. The ones about pirates are obviously fiction along with the ones about falling off of a roof and the first day of high school. The third and final section of the book is comprised of various writing prompts. Some of them were projects that we had to do in class while others were taken from different websites. Some of the prompts are lists while others are stories that are not long enough to be considered a short story. Most of the prompts that were written were used as a way to spark imagination of the author and wound up turning into things that are now part of this book. The writing of the book took approximately seventeen weeks. It was started towards the end of September and was finished in the middle of December. For that amount of time, Alex was able to create a book of fifty-six total pages. Although he wishes he was able to submit more, fifty-six pages it will have to do. At times Alex struggled to come up with ideas because of writer's block but he overcame it to complete this short book. Being that Alex is only seventeen, he never thought that he would become a published author in his senior year. He hopes that this book brings him success even if just two random people buy it. Alex hopes that it will also help with college because seeing that he is a published author, colleges might find that impressive. Even though he is a small time writer, Alex also hopes that this book will open up new doors and possibly help him create a new book in the future.

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