High-Precision Mathematical Approximation of Single Element Lithium Tantalate Pyroelectric Detectors with Sophisticated Circuit Technology

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Dear reader! This book is an extension to my research into the mathematical modeling of pyroelectric detectors. The previous book, The World’s First Achievement: The Art of Professional Mathematical Approximation of a Pyroelectric Detector, provides the approximated transient responses of pyroelectric detectors in voltage mode. These detectors are used in motion-sensing applications. The detectors will be considered to be simple as they include three basic components: a sensing element, a high-megohm bias resistor, and a JFET for impedance conversion.

Thus, the output follows the input, albeit slightly reduced.

This book presents the approximated transient responses of complex detectors. These will qualify as such if composed of more than three basic components (no account is taken of bypass capacitors since their effect on the transfer function is negligible). The studies reveal that complex pyroelectric detectors are a hybrid of an impedance converter and a transimpedance amplifier.

Interestingly, such detectors are referred to as voltage mode detectors in their respective data sheets and require a source resistor at the output. More notably, the data sheets often contain a disclaimer that the manufacturer reserves the right to modify the product without prior notice. No less significantly, the manufacturer may optionally improve the pyroelectric detector’s specifications to meet the customer’s requirements.

In the author’s opinion, whether right or wrong, pyroelectric detector customization involves redesigning the circuit of a transimpedance converter and, most likely, selecting resistors and capacitors to provide the fastest response at a given modulation frequency. The reality, however, is that the above procedure is a trade secret.

This book illustrates the approximated transient responses in single-element lithium tantalate pyroelectric detectors manufactured by major leaders, such as DIAS-Infrared GmbH, InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Meßtechnik, and Eltec Instruments, Inc.

The author extends his gratitude for the samples granted by Dr. Reinhard Köhler at DIAS-Infrared and MSc. Hans J. Keller, founder of Silverlight and spokesman for Eltec Instruments.


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