Highway to Dystopia: About Spaceship Earth, Climate Change and More

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Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, Sep 4, 2015 - Climatic changes - 292 pages
Highway to Dystopia is a book for people who like big ideas - people who care about freedom, free inquiry, big questions and taboos.

The Earth is our space ship, it placidly zooms around the sun through space. Although the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old, we humans came along very late in the game, perhaps one or two hundred thousand years ago. But despite our late arrival, our influence on the Earth has been profound. The Holocene has become the Anthropocene, the age of man, and now, at the crossroads of Religion, Politics, Science and Technology, we have apparently decided to take the Highway to Dystopia, the road into darkness, and ultimately oblivion.

We have created a marvelous civilization (for many) that is full of technology and wonder, but we fail to live in harmony with each other and with nature, and our stewardship over the Earth is failing.

This book tries to connect the dots between Religion, Politics, Science and Technology. It examines the science of Climate Change and looks ahead in an attempt to foresee what we can do to avert the many catastrophes that climate change is already begun to bring.

So, let's take the next exit. Let's leave this Highway to Dystopia. We have far more interesting places to explore. Let's embark upon this quest, wherever it takes us.

What can we learn?

2nd edition

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Non-fiction writer, loves science and technology - Contrarian - Polemicist - Anti-theist - Atheist - Secularism - Humanism - Science

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