Highways and Byways in Oxford and the Cotswolds

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Macmillan, 1905 - 407 oldal

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382. oldal - There is no private house," said he, " in which people can enjoy themselves so well as at a capital tavern. Let there be ever so great plenty of good things, ever so much grandeur, ever so much elegance, ever so much desire that...
352. oldal - Whose ample lawns are not asham'd to feed The milky heifer and deserving steed ; Whose rising forests, not for pride or show, But future buildings, future navies, grow : Let his plantations stretch from down to down, First shade a country, and then raise a town.
31. oldal - While some on earnest business bent Their murmuring labours ply 'Gainst graver hours that bring constraint To sweeten liberty: Some bold adventurers disdain The limits of their little reign And unknown regions dare descry: Still as they run they look behind, They hear a voice in every wind, And snatch a fearful joy.
82. oldal - Deign on the passing world to turn thine eyes, And pause awhile from letters, to be wise; There mark what ills the scholar's life assail, Toil, envy, want, the patron, and the jail.
107. oldal - There, face by face, and hand by hand, The Claphams and Mauleverers stand ; And, in his place, among son and sire, Is John de Clapham, that fierce Esquire, A valiant man, and a name of dread In the ruthless wars of the White and Red ; Who...
382. oldal - ... house, as if it were his own. Whereas, at a tavern, there is a general freedom from anxiety. You are sure you are welcome: and the more noise you make, the more trouble you give, the more good things you call for, the welcomer you are.
384. oldal - Oxford, he contracted familiarity and friendship with the most polite and accurate men of that university; who found such an immenseness of wit, and such a solidity of judgment in him, so infinite a fancy, bound in by a most logical ratiocination...
385. oldal - London; who all found their lodgings there as ready as in the colleges ; nor did the lord of the house know of their coming or going, nor who were in his house, till he came to dinner or supper where all still met. Otherwise there was no troublesome ceremony or constraint, to forbid men to come to the house, or to make them weary of staying there. So that many came thither to study in a better air, finding all the books they could desire in his library, and all the persons together whose company...
150. oldal - On one bright summer day, the boy, then just seven years old, lay on the bank of the rivulet which flows through the old domain of his house to join the Isis. There, as threescore and ten years later he told the tale, rose in his mind a scheme which, through all the turns of his eventful career, was never abandoned. Ho would recover the estate which had belonged to his fathers. He would be Hastings of Daylesford.
1. oldal - Trust me, Plantagenet, these Oxford schools Are richly seated near the river-side: The mountains full of fat and fallow deer, The battling pastures lade with kine and flocks, The town gorgeous with high-built colleges, And scholars seemly in their grave attire, Learned in searching principles of art.

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