Hillbilly Hollow and Rapture Grange

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Nazca Plains Corporation, 2011 - Fiction - 17 pages
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Strange things happen in the remote mountains and hollows of Virginia. The Wilson Clan settled in one and they stayed for a century or more, living, loving and inbreeding. They came pretty close to creating a new species of human, before an elder of the clan realized they were getting uglier and stupider with each generation. He figured out a way to practice birth control, and still have fun. He realized messing around with your male pals and relatives, greatly reduced the number of odd-looking children and was recreational too. When a sheltered minister's son spends a summer with the Wilson's in Hillbilly Hollow, he discovers a wild world of pleasure and enjoyment he hadn't even dreamed existed. No primitive tribe in New Guinea or the Amazon had stranger sexual practices than the Wilsons. Eventually his anthropologist uncle joined him and they jointly explored the heights and depths of the Hollow's culture. This is not a story about anthropological insights into primitive sex, or meaningful interpersonal relationships. This is a story about men who have more sex drive than IQ and a lot of spare time on their hands. They have time to see what fits where, and how to make it last longer. The minister's son finds out everyone is happy in Hillbilly Hollow. Soon he is a member of that happy band.

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