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AuthorHouse, May 1, 2007 - 276 pages
Hindered is an empirical look at Black America and the myriad of problems it faces. In his first book, author Mark Allen Young looks at the cumulative effect of the deadly 74 Mortality Metrics and Afflictions and how they are pummeling Black America into extinction. From the Killer Systems and Industries to the battle with mentally stifling video game technology to the proliferation of HIV/AIDS, Black America is fighting for its collective lives, as 1/3 of its population will either be in prison or infected with HIV/AIDS by the year 2050. Hindered also identifies the only social institution and the one group of people that can immediately create a more positive and promising outlook for Black America, skipping right over the futile and infinite talk stages, thus going right into action. These are the chosen few that are capable of changing the present course of Black America. This entire metamorphosis of Black America lies within a national plan of recovery to be known as the Ascension Movement, a movement that is as important as the Civil Rights Movement itself. Learn how a new social change organization, the Ascension Team, will strive to reach the ultimate goal, that of N.U.M.B.E.R. O.N.E.: The ascension of Black American students to the top of the educational achievement ladder all across the U.S.A. Hindered is a must-read for every citizen that has a stake in the future of the America.

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