Hints and Suggestions on School Architecture and Hygiene: With Plans and Illustrations ...

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Education Department, 1886 - Architecture - 135 pages

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Page 9 - There shall be one blackboard at least four feet wide^ extending across the room in rear of the teacher's desk, with its lower edge not more than two and a half feet above the floor or platform; and, when possible, there shall be an additional blackboard on each side of the room.
Page 61 - ... even under the best of circumstances, unless the room is from time to time thoroughly refreshed and purified by the sweep of the free winds through all its windows widely opened. Such an atmospheric washing should be secured three or four times daily in all weathers; at recess, particularly, it should be insisted on, banishing teachers and pupils from the room meanwhile, if necessary. They will more than make up in the brightness of the remaining hours for the time they may thus lose. Immediately...
Page 90 - ... wanting in the schools of the higher grade. More recently provision had been made for extending culture in this direction by the general introduction of instruction in music and drawing. The especial task of this commission was to devise ways and means for improving, as far as practicable...
Page 82 - ... suffers very seriously from the deprivation of the sun's direct rays, so that steadiness of light must be sacrificed to the necessity for admitting them. Even the German rules recognize this, and require that while no room shall have windows on two sides only drawing class rooms shall face the north. Next to the north aspect, the steadiest light, as well as the greatest amount of sunshine, is derived from one due south, and while a south window receives the sun nearly all day the year round,...
Page 108 - The velocity of the incoming air should not exceed two feet per second at any point where it is liable to strike on the person.
Page 108 - ... cubic feet of fresh air per minute, which amount must be introduced and thoroughly distributed without creating unpleasant draughts, or causing any two parts of the room to differ in temperature more than 2 F., or the maximum temperature to exceed 70 F.
Page 89 - Nearly twenty years ago New York set an example in the decoration of school halls with numerous busts and engravings. Subsequently a committee was appointed by the educational department of the Social Science Association to consider and report on the subject of the decoration of school rooms, with a view of introducing an aesthetic element into the educational system of the United States.
Page 42 - ... somewhat larger and deeper than those needed in common planting on private lands, because it is desirable to give the trees the best possible opportunity at the start. The surface soil being generally the best, should be thrown up on one side, and the poorer soil from below on the other. In tilling in, the better soil should be returned first, so as to be nearer the roots.
Page 82 - ... violated in deference to a real or supposed necessity without detriment to the usefulness of the building. It is agreed by all authorities that the most comfortable and wholesome light for the eyes is that coming from one side of the room, without interfering crosslights from windows in the opposite side or from front or rear, and it is furthermore desirable that the light should come from a group of windows, or a single one, rather than from a succession of them separated by wide piers, which...
Page 92 - Latin-School boy, which was procured by the graduates of the school to honor those who had honored her, and especially to commemorate those who had fallen in defending their country. This statue represents the Alma Mater of the school, resting on a shield which bears the names of the dead heroes, and extending a laurel crown to those who returned from the war.

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