Hints to Riflemen

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Page 176 - Company, has been submitted to the usual examination and test. The principal novelty in this gun is the magazine, and the manner of loading from it. It consists of a tube, under the barrel, extending its entire length, of sufficient diameter to admit the cartridges freely. A section of this tube, near the muzzle, contains a spiral spring, to throw the cartridges upon a carrier block in the rear. When the spring is pressed into this section, it turns upon the axis of the bore, leaving the magazine...
Page 181 - ... his assailants commenced firing at him. Several shots passed through his hat, and more through his clothing, but none took effect upon his person. He thus reached his cover and seized his Henry Rifle, turned upon his foes, and in five shots killed five of them ; the other two sprung for their horses. As the sixth man threw his hand over the pommel of his saddle, the sixth shot took off four of his fingers ; notwithstanding this he got into his saddle, but the seventh shot killed him ; then starting...
Page 163 - This rifle is both a breech-loader and a repeater. Seven cartridges are deposited in a magazine located in the butt of the gun, and are thrown forward to the chamber as required. An ordinarily skilled marksman can discharge the seven loads in twelve seconds, while a platoon of soldiers can fire, with good aim, at the rate of once every three seconds. When the seven charges are fired the magazine can be refilled in about half the time required to ram and cap the single charge of a muzzle-loading musket....
Page 159 - Colt's new patent rifle as a most excellent arm for border service. It gives six shots in more rapid succession than any other rifle I know of, and these, if properly expended, are oftentimes sufficient to decide a contest; moreover, it is the most reliable and certain weapon to fire that I have ever used, and I...
Page 3 - I offer these hints as the contribution of an old sportsman• and If I succeed in any degree in exciting an interest in the subject, my end will be accomplished, even if the future investigations of those who are thus attracted should prove any of my opinions ťo be erroneous."— Extract from Prtfact.
Page 169 - Gettysburg, it was said by eye-witnesses that the head of the column (opposed to the troops armed with this weapon), as it was pushed on by those behind, appeared to melt away or sink into the earth, for though continually moving it got no nearer.
Page 177 - ... introduction of the cartridges, of which it holds fifteen. Upon closing it, after filling, the spring throws a cartridge upon the carrier-block, which, by a forward movement of the triggerguard, is raised to a level with the chamber, the hammer, by the same movement, being carried to a full cock. A reverse movement of the guard, bringing it to its place again, forces the cartridge into the chamber, and the gun is ready to fire. The ammunition is fixed, metal cased, with fulminate or cap in the...
Page 77 - ... absolute quantity of that resistance in these greater velocities will be near three times as great, as it should be by a comparison with the smaller velocities*.
Page 165 - In firing it is accurate; the range good ; the charge used smaller than is generally used in small calibres; the cartridges, being in copper tubes, are less liable to damage. The rifle is simple and compact in construction, and less liable to get out of order than any other breechloading arm now in use.
Page 180 - For God's sake, gentlemen, if you wish to murder me, do not do it at my own table in presence of my family." This caused a parley, resulting in their consent that he might go out doors to be shot. The moment he reached his front door he sprang for his cover, and his assailants commenced firing at him. Several shots passed through his hat, and more through his clothing, but none took effect upon his person.

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