Hippie Bob & the Chocolate Factory: A True Fairytale

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AuthorHouse, 2009 - Biography & Autobiography - 192 pages

This publication reflects upon a multitude of themes: relationships, daily occurrences in life, friends, society, and history. The author has tried to present the emotional feelings of both sides in the various stages of relationship development. Men and women ultimately fail to bring possible relationships into the realm of positive development because of false perceptions they assume about the other person. Both sides are afraid to openly communicate thus destroying possible relationships in their embryonic stages of development.

Daily occurrences of life affect all of us at one time or another. Every time our routine is affected, our schedule is thrown off center; our emotional makeup creates stressful overtones for those we come in contact with. Some of these situations we recover from quickly; some of them linger in the back of our mind for extended periods of time.

Friends have a profound effect upon our life style. Just when we feel we know someone very well they take their behavior mode in a new direction causing us confusion while planting the seeds of doubt in our relationship. Some of these situations are corrected through open diologue; some are destined to remain as we remember them during the last visual contact with this person. Thus all of us at one time or another want to "Turn Back The Clock" and do some repair work.

Leaving our house in the morning we come in contact with strangers. Depending upon circumstances once in a while our paths cross as we develop contact. Some assumptions of others are pleasant and grow with the passage of time. Others are ill fated through bad vibrations at the start and have to be severed as soon as possible for our own personal well being.

Each of us has a personal history to reflect upon in our memory bank. Thoughts upon family, the town or city where we grew up, a special someone whom we lost contact with all enter into our thoughts from time to time. Again pleasantness and sadness come together as we reflect upon what is and what might have been.


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