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Containing an impartial relation of all transactions, foreign and domestick: with a Chronological diary of all the remarkable occurrences, viz. births, marriages, deaths, removals, promotions, etc. that happened throughout the year: together with the characters and parentage of persons deceased on the eminent rank ...

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Page 167 - That in case the crown and imperial dignity of this realm shall hereafter come to any person not being a native of this kingdom of England this nation be not obliged to engage in any war for the defence of any dominions or territories which do not belong to the crown of England without the consent of Parliament.
Page 43 - Europe, and to threaten my fubje&s with the lofs of feveral of the moll advantageous branches of their trade, obliged me, without any lofs of time, to concert with other powers fuch meafures as might give' a check to the ambitious views of thofe who are endeavouring to render VOL, I.
Page 166 - Moved, that an humble addrefs be prefented to his Majefty, to return his majefty the thanks of this houfe for his moft gracious fpeech from the throne.
Page 42 - Rod, was fent with a meflage from his Majefty to the Houfe of Commons, commanding their attendance in the Houfe of Peers. The...
Page 30 - Indies, and any other parts whatsoever, the crown of Spain doth grant to the King of Great Britain and his subjects, all that is granted to the United States of the Low Countries and their subjects in their Treaty of...
Page 209 - That it shall be lawful for the subjects of the King of Great Britain, to bring out, and carry into Spain, and all or any lands and Dominions of the King of Spain (where heretofore they have...
Page 63 - ... in a war for the defence of any dominions not belonging to the crown of England, ' without the confent of parliament ;
Page 181 - King being come to the Houfe of Peers, with the ufual State and Solemnity, and the Commons being fent for up, and attending, his Majefty gave the Royal Aflent to the fol lowing publick Bills, viz1.
Page 250 - ... a suitable touch, and a sight for contemplation, and the hearing of sounds, and the smelling of vapours, and hands for work, and feet for walking : and all these members dost thou form from a little drop in the womb ; and after the formation dost thou bestow on it an immortal soul, and producest it into the light, as a rational creature.
Page 183 - Then the lord chancellor, by his majefty's command, faid, My lords, and gentlemen, It is his majefty's royal will and pleafure...

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